Owned by Bird of Winter

Basic Information

Owner: Amma
Species: Fire Ferret
Gender: Female
Current age: 2
Color: Red


(See Photo)


Aurell is a relatively cheerful fire ferret, and she is fiercely loyal to Amma. The little critter can't bear to be apart from Amma, and if she is she grows homesick.


Once, Amma played outside Jivik's All Nation Restaurant on Zhili Street and met a gentleman police officer. That same evening, the police officer discovered her identity and Amma ran away. On her way home, she found a tiny fire ferret thrown in a dumpster. It looked as if someone had dumped a whole litter of fire ferrets into the dumpster, but only one was still alive. Amma pitied this creature, alone in an unfavorable environment; she knew just how it felt. That thought in mind, Amma picked up the little fire ferret and took it home with her. She fed and cared for the little creature, and the fire ferret came to adore Amma, wanting to go everywhere with her. Now, Amma takes the ferret, which she named Aurell, with her everywhere.