Gurren and Rein's house

Purchased when the pair first in the city,this is where Gurren and Rein sleep,bathe,and do other unspeakable things. Gurren is rarely here though as he spends more time out working,leaving this place with just Rein. It isnt a bad place,although the person living here before him must have been rich and thought of this as a personal gym. Its "living room" is a large open space with white hard matted like floor where furniture lies with sliding doors leading into other rooms such as the kitchen which was only one step down from a state of the art gourmet style kitchen having large cabinet and counter spaces.Across from the couches and living room are two large twin windows with a view of the rest of the city.The rooms however are not as nearly polished off,looking somewhat like a bomb shelter if anything went down as if the person were expecting to have to stay in there for a while. Bunkbeds and a metal door with a large circular wheel on the outside and a latch knob on the inside comes a submarine like feel. In the walls were installed radio and communication systems,two lockers for clothes and another for canned goods,and a bunk-bed on the wall.

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