Gou Apartment

Mr. Gou has only recently moved into this apartment, though he has owned it for some time. The reason for his delay in living here was the outstanding number of renovations he had done to the place before he deemed it suitable enough for him. The apartment is situated on the top floor of one of the tallest apartment buildings, and it takes up the whole floor. In the centre of the apartment is a small garden surrounded by glass walls, so whenever you walk along the hallways you have a view of the greenery. As you enter the front door of the apartment you are greeted with a view of the garden. To the left is a formal dining area and a kitchen, and to the right is a sitting area. Continuing on from the kitchen is the hallway that snakes around the garden. The doors along the hallway lead to a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a study, respectively. Both bedrooms have views to the city below.

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