How the Lottery Works

The EP Lottery will be a monthly reoccurring event that allows for users to gamble their EP for the chance to obtain even more. Users can sign up and 'purchase a ticket' at the cost of 1 EP and can do so a maximum of 3 times in order to increase their odds of winning. With each lottery, there will be 3 different winners; one winning 5 EP, the next winning 10 EP and the last winning 20 EP! If someone wins multiple times, they will only recieve the highest prize they won and the other(s) will be redone. In order to keep things balanced, if there are not at least 10 unique entries, the lottery will be halted until the next month.

The Jackpot


Additionally, you may also purchase a special ticket using 1 PBP. However, you may not purchase a special ticket along with normal tickets; you must choose one or the other. In this, all the EP spent will be pooled together as well as all the PBP spent and the winner will receive their PBP back as well as all the pooled EP and PBP. The pool will carry over from month to month and scale to a maximum of 3 PBP and 50 EP. This jackpot will reset entirely when someone ends up winning it.

The Lottery

Simply add you name to the list here and designate what points you want to spend, and on the last day of the month your points will be deducted and the lottery will commence.


()'s Denotes lottery numbers



()'s Denotes lottery numbers



()'s Denotes lottery numbers


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