Abusive Roleplaying

There are multiple ways roleplaying (RPing) can be abused; godmodding (GM), metagaming (MG), and overpowering (OP) are the most common.


Godmodding is performing an action in a roleplay that either forces another into an action or actually acts for them.

A stabs B with his sword and then burns him with a fire blast.
In this example, A is forcing B to be stabbed, giving him no choice but to be stabbed as well as burning him with fire. The correct way to go about this would be:
A tried to stab B with his sword while launching a fire blast in them.
B can either say that he is stabbed or dodge/block in some way. The choice is up to the roleplayer.


Using knowledge you have received out of character (OOC) in a roleplay in character (IC).

A knows the location of B’s faction hideout and is able to walk through the front door.
In this example, A knew nothing of the location of B’s hideout, yet he found it. The only reason he was able to do so was because the person roleplaying him knew about the hideout’s location (OOC) and then chose to use this information to his advantage in the roleplay (IC). Users are required to justify how their character knows certain information.


Performing an unfeasibly strong action in a roleplay.

A uses his earthbending to generate an earthquake that devastates the entire city.
This is pretty self explanatory. Any use of bending powers or any act that is physically impossible generally is considering OPing.

Breaking Canon

Disregarding canonical settings and limitations, as well as restrictions placed by staff.

A is Varrick's great-granddaughter.
  • Initial abuse of RP rules: Warning and request to fix the problematic post
  • Failure to comply: 48 Hour Ban

Sexual Content

One thing to keep in mind, the wiki is recommended PG-16. That being said, a lot of sexual indications can happen. The general rule we're going to follow is actually fairly loose. No actual sex and nothing related to the genitals. Beyond that, it's pretty much everything goes. Once again, we're not here to be your parents so if you choose to take part of anything sexual it is completely on you. Still, refrain from all actual sex acts on the wiki. If you feel the need to roleplay the sex, take it off site and roleplay it there and then return. As far as sex goes in roleplays, we're not saying your characters can't have sex, just that you can't roleplay it here. If your characters do have sex, just censor the entire act and move on to after it is finished. If you want to continue that part of the roleplay elsewhere, that is your business. We suggest google documents.

  • Breaching Sexual Content Policy: Warning and request to fix/72 Hour Ban if ignored
  • Failing proper pregnancy timing: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban if ignored

Character Death

Personal Characters (characters owned by users) may not be fatally injured by other users or NPCs in RPs without the owner's express permission. Doing so without permission is considered an extreme form of Godmodding and will be immediately reverted. Faction-owned NPCs also fall under this rule and may not be fatally harmed. "Nameless" NPCs that have been created for the sake of the current story and do not have any impact on other RPs may be killed, but only at the agreement of the user in charge of the RP.

  • Killing a character without permission: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban if ignored

Dead characters should be appropriately tagged and cannot be used once dead.


On this wiki, all new characters are automatically new citizens in Republic City, in order to be added to the wiki their character application must be approved by staff.

  • All normal characters are new citizens to Republic City, and may not be born there
  • Your character's age must be between 13-100 (permission for older characters may be requested from staff)

Character Pregnancy

Characters are prone to become pregnant during character interactions. The character must be pregnant for a span of 9-12 weeks (real time/OOC, not IC) in order to give birth to the child. The time starts a day after the sexual intercourse between two characters.
Children (characters under the age of 13) are allowed to be used as a sub-character connected to a parent or guardian and will be roleplayed as an NPC. To have them, one must either include them in the Citizenship Application or have had gone through a roleplay that explains their existence (i.e.: the pregnancy).

Relation to Canon


  • The wiki is set approximately 170 years after Korra first arrived in Republic City. As such, no relations to any canon characters or groups may be held.


Since the Rebellion ended, laws have been placed to restrict the creation and use of technology for any sort of combat purpose. While some may be illegal, a character (limited to non-benders for balance) may still use them, but are then subject to the laws of Republic City for doing so. Some technological abilities are considered legal, and are indicated on the non-benders powers listing.

  • No cell phones, computers, other common electronics, may be used but technology from the early 1900s is generally accepted.
  • Users may defend technologies in use if they can prove its existence predated 1940, though the final decision remains with staff.
  • Staff may halt an RP or application if it contains technology that is considered too advanced on the grounds of breaking canon.
  • Technology has followed along a steampunk-style theme, please try to keep this in mind when interacting with "modern" devices.
  • Firearms (pistols, rifles, rocket launchers etc) are strictly prohibited and do not exist in this canon. Characters found using prohibited weapons will be prevented from being used on the site until fixed.
  • Using "too advanced"/prohibited technology: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban if ignored


Roleplaying is limited to two main locations; the location pages and the roleplay forums. Any roleplaying outside of these pages is considered non-canon and will be deleted.

Users may create a residence sup-page for their character, as well as buy a location page with EP (see Prizes).

A character can only occupy up to two rps at a time, excluding events/missions/group meetings that they cannot be rped out of until said rp has officially ended. RPs are only allowed to take place within locations defined by staff (Republic City and Yu Dao), with the exception of special Event RPs.

  • Breaching Location Policies: Warning and request to fix/48 Hour Ban if ignored


One day out of character equates to three days in character. This allows us to account for things such as aging, seasons of the year, construction etc. The system uses a simple 360 day calendar with 12 30 day months and 7 day weeks. However, given the difficulty of tracking time progression minor timeskips are allowed. Time only advances forwards, and cannot be frozen or reversed.