Fall from Grace

I'm going to tell you all now that we will not be intimidated by any criminal threats! All these cells of bloodthirsty killers will be found and brought to justice!"

Chief Shan


"The upper class of the Republic City is in a panic, many rich families have been found murdered in their own homes. People are terrified and desperate for safety. But Chief Shan had taken it upon himself to provide much needed security. He has tasked the RCPD with firmly standing against the mysterious cell of murderers."


City Hall/Assembly Room
Country Club Raid
Prison Break

Factions Involved

Republic City Police Department


The RCPD and many of the city's citizens now believes Faceless has attacked their headquarters and killed many of their men. Because of that reason, public support of Faceless begins to waver and they are being pursued by police during Book 1.


Non Kenta - Hydrocarbon1997
Non Samir - Ezvil
Earth Kojima - Alexander of Volzhsky
Air Lien-Da - IntransigentInferiority
Fire Osamurei - Windsword7
Earth Yun Hye - Riri25
Non Ryi - The Kaio-Ken Kid
Non Ran Wu - Steamboat64
Air Shione Hachimitsu - Elentári of the Stars (Will Receive Two EP)
Earth Kirito - Lissyboo (Will Receive Two EP)

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