Justice will be Done!

"You crossed a line you shouldn't have crossed!"



After the shocking revelation of a connection between several murders and the sinister human trafficking leader, Yamori, the LSI ramps up its investigation. Lead by Iluak, the group heads to the scene of the crime and consults with the police, Naomi, and others on scene to figure out any details regarding the death of Ping, Liu’s father. LSI hopes to find any clues at all surrounding about where Yamori has run off to and stop his human trafficking rink once and for all.


Ping's Office (Yu Dao) - The Crime Scene

Factions Involved

Lan Shen Investigations ?


Will be revealed once the event is concluded


Water Iluak - Ezvil
Water Tatsumi - Hydrocarbon1997
Fire Hyohaku - Torrun the Neko
Water Keiko - Gigitygig
Water Anik - The Monster without a name

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