Ready For Syndication

We have our hands in every type of power you can imagine be it political, legitimate or illegitimate. So if you are not an idiot you should have an idea of what we do just from that sentence...

– Ichirou Senkai


" The Syndicate has come under new leadership, Ichirou Senkai. As his first act as leader of The Syndicate Ichirou has ordered the assassination of his political opponents and has summoned several influential men and women from around the globe to join him and rule from the shadows. Ichirou awaits these people and is ready to assign responsiblites and rewards."


Tensho Country Club
City Hall
Honshi Street
Cabbage Corps

Factions Involved

The Syndicate


The Chapter of the Syndicate within Republic City began their take over of legitimate business through their conquest of Cabbage Corp. Ichirou has won the trust and love of Republic City's people while he schemes to rule over their home.


Fire Ichirou Senkai - Gigitygig
Non Tamako Nakahara - Hydrocarbon1997
Water Yogini Senkai - Nebuliss
Fire Miyabi Kasai - Broken fire
Earth Zhishi - Ezvil
Fire Gonnosuke - Alexander of Volzhsky
Water Tao - Riri25

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