Normally I'm more than happy to take punks like you on for fun, but you have the stupidity to walk through that door and make it personal. When I'm done with you you'll be nothing but a trail of bloody ribbons across the floor.

Ming He


"After having operated for a while, Yin Shi's work has attracted, unwelcome, attention. A new gang has risen out of the mire of Republic City's criminals, the Black Snake Triad. Anxious to prove themselves, the Black Snakes have set their eyes on Yin Shi, hoping to take them out of the picture from the get go, solidifying their credibility within the underworld.
Yin Shi has been struck at it's home, it's no longer business, it's personal."


The Fifth Element
Black Snake Triad Hideout

Factions Involved

Yin Shi


The Yin Shi's swift decimation of the Black Snake Triad made it clear they were another force to be reckoned with in Republic City. Making them just as feared by lowly criminals as much as Faceless or the Jade Dragon, though they are still under the RCPD's employ.


Non Ming He - Wingstrike
Non Michiko - Wingstrike
Non Kaien Akagi - Gigitygig
Non Ginji - Hydrocarbon1997
Earth Kyung-Min - Broken fire
Fire Yamato - Gigitygig
Water Kaito - SkyGreen24

Air Tenshi - Riri25

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