Silence The Just 

"One by one they will taste the bitterness of life's only certainty.



The Ryuketsu Clan has been hired by The Syndicate to assassinate several council members and Masuta is all too happy to oblige. They will attempt to assassinate these target counselors one by one through various means in order to further Syndicate’s and Masuta’s mysterious motives." 


City Hall/Councilors' Chambers
Return to the Catacombs
Councilor Kazumi's Estate
Payment and Dismissal

Factions Involved

Ryuketsu Clan 


The Ryuketsu Clan has murdered 3 of Republic City's councilors, allowing Ichirou Senkai of The Syndicate to take one of the vacant spots left by, This was also the beginning of the Clan's employment under Mr. Senkai and his allies.


Non Masuta - Akira Unnuk
Fire Haruichi Senkai - Hydrocarbon1997
Fire Huo Li - Riri25
Earth Lasya - IntransigentInferiority (Retconned)
Air Nomiku - Torrun451

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