The Grand Hunt

Akar - "Those sheep who squat in their own filth need to be shown our power, they need to shake at the very mention of our names..."


"With the fall of the mighty Senkai Family Akar has convened the Jade Dragon, a force for chaos and destruction has been born into this world. Now it is time for the great revelation of their power to the lowly weaklings of Republic City. Now is the time for blood and slaughter. Now is the time for the Grand Hunt of the Dragon..."


Mountains/Cave (Phase 1: Akar collects the members of his faction and explains their mission.

Port/Shipping District/Apartments/High Rise Flats/Kimiko's Apartment (Phase 2:While Akar seeks to recruit more talent, Tetsuya is entrusted by him to lead a raid on a cactus juice house.)

Elephant Koi Casino (Final Phase: Reunited with his followers and having returned with two new recruits, Akar seeks to rob the entire establishment since recent events have left it vulnerable. But that does not mean this mission will prove to be easy.)

Factions Involved

Jade Dragon


Akar's plan to kickstart his faction by robbing several gangs blind was a stunning success and allowed him to purchase the JD's hideout. The beginning of a man's twisted vision for Republic City.


Air Akar - Gigitygig
Earth Tetsuya - Hydrocarbon1997
Fire Kimiko Kasai - Bird of Winter
Earth Takara - DarknessVoid
Fire Shila - Lissyboo(User Left)
Water Patuq - Ezvil
Fire Saisho - Minecraftman1233
Air Rein - The Kaio-Ken Kid(Has yet to post on the Casino.)
Fire Miyabi Kasai - Broken fire Non Kiriyama - Alexander of Volzhsky