The old structure was built a hundred years back, during the reign of Avatar Kiryi. The train station served for emergencies, especially during the rebellion. It was called the Hayan Train Station, after the architect's late daughter, who died in the violence of the rebellion. The train station served well during the unrest, providing easy access to many. However, the spirits weren't so enthusiastic about the development in their domain, and thus made things challenging for the mortals in charge. Because of the endless chaos they created, the train station was eventually shut down, as the spirits had become too dangerous. Eventually, the rebellion came to a pause, and the station was forgotten.

Sachiko and Sanae stumbled upon the tracks during their travels across the nations. The train station looked like it hadn't been used for a very long time. Despite the number of spirits dwelling in the area, Sachiko and Sanae developed the old structure into something of their use, after striking a proposal with the present spirits first. The spirits had difficulties in the past of random humans unabashedly exploring the place, so Sachiko and Sanae promised to drive them out in return of having the train station as a hideout. As long as no one disturbed the wandering spirits, it would be alright.

Several train coaches have been turned into bunks for anyone's use, as well as a couple of training grounds and a mini dining hall.