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Hana is a former representative of the Water Nation on the Council of Nine.


She is a quiet and mysterious girl but can be very cunning and wise when she needs to be. She values moral code and law above all things.


Tei was born into the northern water tribe with her family members. They were of middle class status and always have been. Isamu and Hiroko taught her to value honor even when she was a little girl. She was to follow the law. Always. Tei was educated from her home and was hardly allowed to leave and venture around the north, nor did she really want to until she reached adolescence.

When puberty hit her like a train and all baby chub went into her breasts, she begun to teach herself to be more poised and mannerly than her status was. She dressed expensively and nearly put her parents into bankruptcy without a second thought. She was a wild teenager and even more dangerous than her parent had thought her to be. They tried to keep her on a tight rope but she was always escaping and raiding parties or hanging out with older crowds and getting into trouble.

One night when the trouble went a little too far and her closest friend drown in a river, Tei begun to evaluate her life. She didn't want to become a street rat as much as she did when she was just a pre-teen. Now that she was going into her twenties, she thrived for something better. She had an image of importance in her mind and would stop at nothing to gain it.

At the age of thirty five, she attained a position as a councilor on the council of nine and works relentlessly to keep up her title. As the nonbending representative of the water tribe. However, outside of work she is a very mysterious and sexy girl with some old habits she still works on shaking.