HazanThe Pan Pipes

Age: 21


FireNation Ethnicity, dark short hair, 6 ft 1. moderate frame 165 pounds.

Chaotic good

Personality: Hot headed but modest, Hazan is quick to react to violence with violence [passionate] although knows when a fight is lost.

Prefferes honesty over loyalty, this has been the cause of various past troubles with friends and family. This, however should not coat his childish and playful personality.

Hazan enjoys and embraces cultural, ethnic and personl divercity. He spent most of his downtime studying the bending techniques or airbenders, water benders and fire benders, incorporating the styles into his earth bending.

History: Yu-dao ancestory (200 years ago), raised in the Fire-Nation as an upper-middle class. Discovered his bending abilities at the age of 5, but his bending was kept a secret from the public as he was not a fire-bender like his recent family. His childhood could be described as smooth due to his familys wealth but he tended to ignore their methodology in his earlier years. However in the later years [15 and onwards] it began to bother him greatly, sparking violent tendencies towards his extended family and developing his abilities as an earth-bender.

Dishonoured his family by exposing his father and older sister as frauds, for stealing yuans from the Fire Nation merchants. When offered refuge in the earth republic he was essencially forced into relocation as his parents refused him refuge in their estate. This did not affect him greatly as his disagreement with his familys 'buisness' would have caused him to relocate sooner or later. 

The trouble with his family has left his with no real connections. no friends, no family, to turn to. He hopes his new life in republic city proves to be the home he has wanted since his early teen years as it was promised it would be by Avatar Renchu.

Sexually atracted to women although he is in no way sexually motivated or driven.

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