Yuuki and Natsuki
Owned by KiraYukimura

Basic Information

Owner: Himari
Species: Horse Fish
Gender: Male and Female
Current age: 7
Color: Brown and White


(See Photo)


Yukka (the brown) is fierce, but remains loyal to Himari and does anything she ask of her. Natsuki (the white one) is eager and aggressive towards new people. 


Himari discovered Yukka and Natsuki on the streets of the city. She first saw them rampaging through the streets stealing fruit from local markets and tripping people. She laughed as the two terrorized the streets. After a week, she noticed that they were following her because they were hungry. When she got to her headquarters, she fed them fruit and milk. The two seemed to like her. Their weekly visits became routinely until they settled at the abandoned warehouse and made it their permeant home. Himari later adopted the two and named one Yukka and the other Natsuki.