Iluq's Arctic Wolf

Iluq Tikaani

Name: Tikaani

Species: Artic Wolf

History: Between the ages of 10 and 16, Iluq spent a lot of time at her remote igloo. Around the igloo were a variety of arctic animals, with wolves being one of those species. For the first few months after her arrival, the animals would circle her igloo, sniffing it and trying to determine whether she was friendly or not. Once they had realised she posed no threat they left her alone.

One evening when Iluq visited her igloo she was surprised to find an injured wolf cub at the entrance, bleeding onto the fresh snow. Iluq was shocked, but she knew she had to help the animal. She raced back home and gathered basic medicinal supplies, then set out the following morning to her igloo. She gently brought the cub inside and healed it. While she spent time with the wolf she named it Tikaani (meaning wolf) and grew fond of the creature.

From the day the cub was healed it stayed by Iluq while she was at her igloo. They became close friends and each time Iluq ventured out to her second home, Tikaani would be there to welcome her. When the time came for Iluq to leave for Republic City, she asked her mother and father if she could take her wolf with her. They were surprised at first, but agreed to pay the extra fare for Tikaani.

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