Owned by KiraYukimura

Cat butterfly
Basic Information

Owner: Kaori
Species: Butterfly Cat
Gender: Female
Current age: 4
Color: Green


(See Photo)


Sakuya is prideful and unafraid about anything or any situation. She is ferocious and protective of Kaori. Sakuya mirrors some of Kaori's personality in that she is elegant and somewhat seductive. She is also intelligent and has been proven to outwit most people.


When Kaori was young, she learned that the butterfly cat was the symbol of her family. Her parents told her that each member in the family gets one themselves. Kaori parents breed their butterfly cats so that Kaori would have her own on her ninth birthday after she returned from an all-girls boarding school in the Fire Nation. After two years, the butterfly cat birthed a litter of three, and Kaori was given one. The butterfly cat and Kaori instantaneous connection immediately. She named the cat Sakuya after a famous she-dragon she learned about.