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Karin weighs one hundred and thirty eight pounds and has the height of five feet eight inches. He has long, silky black hair, large and round black eyes, and a skinny, curvy frame with a near feminine figure. Karin has a creamy skin but some of his body parts, specifically the back and stomach area, are covered by cuts, bite marks and whip marks. Unless in special occasions, Karin would usually be seen in a kimono with long sleeves in a black and dark red colour, a long outer vest with a grey colour and cream pattern, black shorts underneath said kimono and dark blue sandals.


Born into a secluded and traditional village in the fire nation, young Karin was conceived by his house wife of a mother Matsuki and his Father Ryumashi, who was a mercenary, in a cottage far away from the villagers. He was paranoid that some of his old enemies might want to get him by raiding the whole village so he tried his best to be as far from them as possible. Although Ryumashi usually try to avoid being seen within the village, his wife was able to travel there all she wanted. And a few days after she recovered from giving birth to her son, she went to greet her friends and introduce them to her new born child who seemed to look a lot like his mother. While her husband was out doing missions with his mercenary group, Matsuki would be in charge and clean up the place while taking care of her son simultaneously. But despite the hard work she’s goes through everyday, she always greets her battle worn husband with a kiss and a hot meal. Four years have passed since Karin’s birth and he has grown to be a healthy and active boy, he has even taken up even more of his mother’s features to the point that some of the passers-by’s confuse him for a girl. And being the young and naïve child that he was, he never found a problem with it. He just either cutely smiles or his behind his mother. Karin spends most of his time either clinging to his mother’s leg, shying away from the strangers that she stops and talks to the village or playing in the flower garden that he helped his mother plant. It wasn’t until he reached the age of eight that he actually started to help out with the house. After years of observing and practice, he learned how to cook and even took a liking to gardening. In some days when his father would usually come home Ryumashi would see his beloved wife and son in matching aprons and welcoming him to a hot meal after a long day. That alone never fails to put a smile on his face. At his days off, he would spend some quality time with his son by sparing with him for fun. And at times, things would get a bit out of hand like Karin accidently cutting his hand after learning how to use a knife which also lead to Matsuki forcing Ryumashi to never be rough with his son ever again. But besides that, Karin’s life had been nothing but smooth sailing through a normal childhood...or at least it should have been.

One day, Ryumashi warned his wife that he was working extra late for a mission and won’t be back until morning. Of course Matsuki was uneasy on her husband being out on a dangerous mission for so long but she couldn’t talk him out. All she could for was kiss him goodbye and hope that he makes it back in one piece. Everything was fine after he left, but things went awry during the midnight. Finding information on the location of a enemy mercenary group leader, a rival mercenary group snuck into his home with the intention to kill Ryumashi. Hearing weird noises in the middle of the night, Karin got out of bed and went into his mother’s room only to witness thee robed men grabbing his struggling mother who was being brutally beaten and raped right in front of him. Scarred at the horrifying image, all he could do was watch in shock before one of the men behind him knocked him out. After they finished with his mother, one of the men slit her throat and went to the kid to kill him next but the other man stopped him. He suggested taking him to their leader since he could be of “use”. Tying the child up, they set fire to the cottage and left the village without a trace.

Waking up in some campsite surrounding in a house, Karin tried to get off a large bed of an old looking room only to find a shackle on his foot and chained to the bed. Beginning to panic, he yanked and pulled the chain to be free. The rusty chains didn’t budge and the constant clings coming from the room attracted one of the guards. He called out a man by the name of Oraisho before a slender, tall man appeared in front of Karin. In a weird, lust driven look, Oraisho explained that he was in the main base of his mercenary guild and he was his new slave. Currently he’s too young and inexperienced to fight at the front lines so he has to work in...other ways. Karin tried his hardest to fight off the man’s advance towards him but his resistance only made it more enjoyable for the sick, twisted mercenary leader. Eventually, Karin stopped moving and accepted his bitter fate. He was forcefully taken by the mercenary, and his life hasn’t been the same since then. Karin was sexually abused and treated like a slave by oraisho and his men for six years until he was old enough to learn to fight. Since he was practically a emotionally hollowed out shell as it is, he was able to learn a lot faster.

It only took a good three years of back breaking labour, rigorous body training and his very first traumatising kill of a innocent woman to turn him into Oraisho’s perfect little killing machine, making him in more need of Karin after every mission. The next two miserable years only consisted of fighting other people’s battles and being the whore to Oraisho’s becoming call, and his sanity was slowly deteriorating from it all. While celebrating a success of one of their latest missions. Karin was called up to the centre of the party to cut off the head of one of the prisoners they have captured. The boy only looked forward in a zombie like state as he took out his sword to get it over with only to stop when he saw the prisoner’s face. The man who was bounded to a pole with severe cuts and bruises was his very own father who was looking up to him in a combination of shock and relief. Karin just stood there, eyes locked on his Ryumashi while the hand that was holding his sword was shaking. He just couldn’t do it, despite being forced to do the worse of atrocities for these people he would rather die than hurt the only family he has. And seeing his toy’s hesitance over killing his father, Oraisho took out his combat knife and stabbed him in the chest in front of his own chest. At witnessing his father dying by the hands of that monster, mind was constantly being flooded with one sole word...kill. He clenched his fist and bit his tongue to resist the urge to slash the bastard while he had his back turned since he knew the rest of the men would be after him if he did. During the night he was “needed” by Oraisho, the man was incredibly tipsy from the celebration and forced himself onto Karin without tying him up as usual before falling asleep.

That later became his ultimate undoing when he awoken up at the crack of dawn with his hands and feet binder to the bedpost and gagged with a piece of cloth. Before his brain could register the situation, he lastly saw Karin looming over him with his own unsheathed sword before he was slowly and painfully pierced in almost every non vital area in his body. With his mind set on killing the bastard that caused the death of his whole family and overall turned his plain, happy life to a living hell, he ended Oraisho’s life by plunging his own sword through his heart. He kept the blade lodged in his chest until the man began to choke on his own blood until he stopped squirming. Once he died, Karin rummaged through his room to find a decent amount of yuans for him to at least flee the country. Carrying only Oraisho’s sword and a back pack with money and supplies from the room he could use, he snuck through the camp while most of his men were asleep.

Despite running into some guards who were on watch and killing them before they called everyone else, he made it out without a scratch and ran for dear life until he made it to a nearby village. Allowing himself only a good two hours of rest and asking directions to the nearest port. Traveling to the port minutes later before Oraisho’s men searched the village for him, Karin mentally planned on where he was going to go to start anew. Through his journey, he had to stay at a motel for the night to rest and continue his journey. As he payed for his room, he couldn’t help a hear a nearby couple talk about starting a family in republic city and taking advantage of their citizenship program. As he continued to eves drop into their conversation, he decided that he was going to start his new life in republic city. After getting his room to sleep the next day, he traveled down to the port and took a boat to republic city so he can finally put his horrendous past behind him and smile once again


As a child, Karin was always a polite, loving and active bundle of life ever since his very birth. Most of these traits coming from his goddess of a mother. But after he was witnessed his mother and father get murdered right in front of him and being sexually abused for most of his life he had grown a dark, brooding and a near emotionless personality. Due to most of his life of being forced to murder and being someone’s sex slave since he was young, he remained cold and distant towards everyone until he escaped. Ever since then, he has promised himself to keep on a caring and nurturing attitude towards everyone he meets despite looking stoic and expressionless and tries his best to be like his kind hearted mother to keep his memory of her fresh in his mind. His overall hobbies involves cooking, gardening and healing people when they’re hurt and wouldn’t mind using the skills he hatefully acquire from his harsh life to defend the innocent. But it’s not to say that he was left unscathed from his life. Once he’s forced to confront the things that have happened to him or is forced to go through it again, he would probably either lash out in a fit of rage or hyperventilate in mental stress. But regardless of his personal problems, he’ll never let that run his life.


Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)

  • First Aid (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in basic medical training using herbs and other medicines to treat minor injuries on themselves and others. (Achieved after 1 week)

  • Reflex Training (Passive)

The user's reflexes and reaction time are considerably improved, allowing them to respond faster to attacks. (Achieved after 2 weeks)

Weapon Master
(Achieved after 1 month)
Initial Abilities
  • Smithing and Engineering (Passive)

The user is knowledgeable in crafting weapons, armors and even basic machinery made of metal and even basic composite materials. Metal is more durable but heavy and cumbersome while composites are lighter but more vulnerable.

  • Melee Weapon Mastery (Passive)

The user has extensively trained with all forms of melee weaponry in order to become a master in the usage of them. As such, the user may use any form of melee weapon to its fullest potential. (This includes things such as: swords, axes, maces, etc)

  • Platinum Forging (Passive; Exclusive to Weapon Master)

The user is knowledgeable in forging anything made of platinum. Items are highly resilient and are unable to be metalbent. Not only this, but they are stronger and sharper than regular metals; making them able to cut through, withstand impacts better or break things a normal weapon could not. Platinum weighs just as much as regular metal would. NOTE: Under no circumstances should a character have a weapon, armor or devices made out of platinum without this power.

  • Collapsible Shield (Exclusive to Weapon Master)

The user has the knowledge to construct and use collapsible shields attached to the forearms. While normally retracted, the shields extend outwards to provide more protection against incoming attacks. These shields can be made out of a variety of materials to augment their weight and strength.

Advanced Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 4 months)

Not yet achieved (Achieved after 6 months)

● Black Heart - A single edged, platinum katana by the name of "Black Heart". It the bladed is tinted whute with a black handle.

● Tanto - A short blade with a wooden handle and sheathe in a red flower pattern.

● Armor Set - A light layered chest plate made of platinum placed under the front shirt for front and back protection with shin guards, arm gards that are all composite.