Arena Info

Contained in a metal dome with a glass skylight would be the Blazing Arena, warm temperatures are spread throughout the dome by two everlasting streams of fire. The heat warms up the metal walls and floor after some time, so caution and protective footwear are definitely recommended. Prolonged exposure can lead to early symptoms of heat exhaustion. The water vents are typically boiling and the earth disks can absorb the heat as well. It is forbidden for any participant to attempt to break the skylight in any way. Many pipes throughout the arena consistently blast out powerful streams of hot steam, burning skin on contact. Small metal pillars often push out of the ground, threatening to trip up probenders onto the hot metal ground.

Note: Please do not forget the trap roll every 2 posts that determines whether your character is harmed by one of the two traps. Regular outcome rolls must still be made every post. If you roll an odd number your character will be affected by a trap, they will not if the number rolled is even.

  • The rules can be seen here.

Dice Roll Room

With these rooms, dice rolls can be performed by participants. Be warned that these rooms contain logs, cheat and I will know. Simply put #d5 and you'll perform a roll. Links can be found in the comments section.



The coin toss was shown in favor of Kotaro/Hydro. He may take the first post or pass it off to Rahulo/Ez in the area below. But I am passing it off so Ez may post first.

Rahulo: Rahulo's eyes centered instantaneously on his opponent once he entered the ring, never gazing anywhere else around the arena. The deranged airbender took little time to engage his opponent once the starting bell rang, giving little if any time for him or his opponent to examine one another. The airbender used his enhanced speed to sprint full speed directly at Kotaro, feinting a right hook and instead swinging his leg horizontally with a powerful air kick, hoping to smash the earthbender and use his speed to hopefully draw the earthbender off-balance to begin the match.

Result: 3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack.

Kotaro: Kotaro walked in the arena wearing a dark blue boiler suit, protective gloves and boots and finally a nice pair of goggles only to see a white haired lad sprint towards him. Experience was the main reason he wasn't struck with that powerful kick, Kotaro was unphased by the incredible speed and wasn't fooled by the attempt at deceiving him and was able to leap to the side to evade the swift strike. The earthbender retaliated by firing a trio of earth discs towards Rahulo while each one was searing hot to the touch, Kotaro was sure to try and aim for any exposed skin. Another stone disc was levitated from behind the airbender and flew towards the back of his head. A simple yet often effective strike.

Result: 3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack.

Rahulo: Rahulo was mildly surprised at the earthbender's quick movements, the key word being mildly. Noticing the discs closing in on him rapidly from all sides, Rahulo soared straight into the air, utilizing air kicks towards the ground to launch himself just above the incoming projectiles. However, the airbender was not at all prepared for one of the trap steam geysers, which struck him directly in the arm and scorched his arm. Rahulo was not unused to sudden pain, though. Once out of harm's way of the vents, the airbender reacted quickly, utilizing an airfunnel to scoop up all four of the earth discs and fired them as a barrage back towards Kotaro. He aimed the trio of burning discs at Kotaro's arms and head and the final disc towards the earthbender's right leg, hoping that the positioning of the discs would prevent the earthbender from moving too far in one direction or being able to stop them all at once.

Result: 2: Glancing Blow; the target is struck partially with the attack. Trap Result: 1: Direct Hit; the target is struck directly with the attack.

Kotaro: It was definitely easy to deflect most of the earth discs and he nearly moved them all if it weren't for that sudden surge of steam rushing into his torso, this distracted him long enough for the stone projectiles to successfully collide into Kotaro's right arm. Groaning from his searing agony, the probender knew he couldn't leave himself open to another attack. He collected a large mass of discs and merged them into a tall, yet slim wall of stone. After allowing it to heat up even more from one of the flaming streams in the arena, he quickly spun it towards Rahulo and commanded it to disperse into a large mass of scalding earth fragments that sped towards the airbender's whole body.

Result: 3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack. Trap Result: 1: Hit; the target is struck directly with the trap.

Rahulo Rahulo jolted to his left and then rolled along the ground to his left to position himself away from the onslaught of searing discs. Using his enhanced agility and athleticism, Rahulo managed to avoid being struck by even a single disc. The airbender pushes himself back up and created a large air funnel to redirect several of the burning discs he had dodged back at the earthbender. While he knew the same attack may not work twice in a row, Rahulo also added a quick air blast after launching the discs to try and augment their travel speed through the air to give Kotaro less time to counter the attack. In addition, Rahulo intended to use this redirection maneuver again in attempt to slow down the fight, knowing that, despite his rather high endurance, he could not move so quickly in this intense heat for the entire duration of the fight.

Result: 4: Block; the target blocks the attack.

Kotaro: The attack was somewhat predictable, something he was definitely able to foresee. Leftover stones from his last attack were all he needed to deflect every stone he redirected towards him even with the boost from that air blast. Kotaro decided to try something fresh. Levitating some stones into a boiling water vent, he was able to completely turn them into incredibly warm mud. He shot the entire orb of it towards Rahulo's eyes. He was hoping for a distraction while he moved the discs into the nearest earth disc slot towards Rahulo to try launching him into one of the powerful streams of fire in the arena.

Result:1: Direct Hit

Rahulo: Rahulo attempted to dart away quickly from the orb, but one of the metal pillar traps jutted suddenly from the ground, causing the airbender to fall over onto the nearly burning ground. The earth discs flew through the air towards the very vulnerable Rahulo, striking him directly. As he flew towards the fire, Rahulo desperately attempted to use an air blast to speed him through the fire to less the direct damage from the fire as much as possible. Once through the fire, Rahulo struggled to stand initially, but quickly grew red with rage. He approached his opponent slowly, feigning a terrible injury, until he suddenly shouted and released an enormous air vortex, hoping to blast Kotaro into the stream of fire opposite opposite of the one he had just been forced through.

Trap Result: 1: Hit

Result: 1: Direct Hit

Kotaro: "Gah!" The powerful surge of air was certainly enough to fling him into the tower of fire, much to his dismay. His body flew through the burning stream before he finally landed on the ground. Along with the bruises and prior burn from before, his back and torso was met with a horrible and sizeable 2nd degree burn. After groaning loudly as he finally stood up, it was short lived since an unexpected, yet small metal pillar pushed out of the ground tripped him back on the floor. Deciding he needed a little recovery time, Kotaro set forth a large earth shelter around him for defense. After forcing himself to stand and withstand that horrible burn, the earthbender had every piece of stone fire off in every direction at once. One of them had to hit Rahulo.


Trap Result: 1: Hit.

Rahulo: Kotaro appeared to underestimate the airbender's immense speed due to feigning how much he was hurting. Since the earthbender had been hit by both his powerful air vortex and the trap, Rahulo has plenty of time to recover from his attack and prepare a suitable counter. Rahulo quickly sent a few air swipes at the mass of stones closing in around him, pushing and slicing a few of them out of the way to create a small opening just large enough to leap through. Once safely away from the stones, the airbender raced towards Kotaro, throwing two swift air punches towards the earthbender's stomach and an air round-house kick directly towards Kotaro's cranium. Rahulo hoped to deal a significant blow to Kotaro with the opening his air vortex and the traps had provided to him, as the heat and his injuries were starting to become noticeable to him. While the pain and heat had not yet slowed down his pace, Rahulo feared in the back of his mind that a severely drawn-out battle may begin to wear him down eventually, even if it had not done so yet.

Result: 1: Direct Hit

Kotaro: It was clear that the airbender's speed was giving him an incredible advantage,which allowed him to land his latest attacks without fail. The punches to the gut weren't much, but the kick to his skull nearly knocked him out. His head felt quite light as he fell back to the ground. He cursed himself for taking so much damage when the fight wasn't even close to being done. Gathering more earth discs and merging them with the boiling water, Kotaro created a large mass of boiling mud that quickly rushed towards Rahulo from his left side. It was like a small tidal wave of earth that threatened to consume him and leave scalding burns all over his body. The goal was to accomplish that and slam him straight into the metal wall. The earthbender was in great pain from the burns and bruises he has accumulated, but his drive to win was what convinced him to keep going. He learned from an early age that one had to suffer and work hard to accomplish anything; this match was no different.

Result: 1: Direct Hit

Rahulo: Rahulo was quite satisfied with having each of his previous blow strike the target. However, as the airbender prepared for another assault, a sudden voice in his head reminded Rahulo of the area's several traps, enabling him to quickly perform a handspring to evade the geyser. Rahulo's last-minute realization did not come without a cost. With his attention focused on evading the geyser, Rahulo completely disregarded his opponent for a brief moment, allowing Kotaro's burning mass of earth to slam straight into the airbender, propeling him straight into a metal wall. The blow knocked the wind out of him for a brief moment. Rahulo grimaced momentarily at the immense burns he felt throughout his entire body. Had he not endured torture as a young age, Rahulo may have given up at this point. However, the sharp, drastic pain seemed to only provide Rahulo with more determination to defeat his opponent. "Pain is our body's weapon," Rahulo muttered to himself sadistically. Rahulo's eyes appeared to darken with serious intent as he created an enormous air funnel, catching some of the scalding-hot water that shot out from a nearby geyser to blast back at Kotaro, hoping to scald the earthbender in much the way he had done to him.

Result: 1: Direct Hit. Trap Result: 4: Miss.

Kotaro: He would've been able to sidestep the water, but another pillar shot out of the ground right under his feet, causing him to fall face first into the floor and get struck with the boiling water on the way down. His boiler suit couldn't protect him from the intense heat of the floor as it only began to rise further and further. The water had landed on his left shoulder which earned him yet another burn. "Pain is temporary; quitting is forever..." A wise quote he muttered as he rose back onto his feet once more. Firing a round of earth discs towards his foe's general direction, the earthbender made his real move. A pair of earth gloves that were affected by the heat of the arena just like everything else---after ceasing use of the earth discs and creating them. Tetsu commanded them to fly towards Rahulo's wrists and maintain a tight grip on them. The airbender would be subjected to a lasting sensation of heated stone on his skin if the attack succeeded.

Result: 2: Glancing Blow; the target is struck partially with the attack. Trap Result: 3: Hit.

Rahulo Rahulo quickly noticed the earthen discs spinning towards him. The airbender kick away the first disc with a swift kick of air. However, Rahulo misjudged the speed of the second disc, which he only knocked away with a small air blast moments after it struck his wrist and created a small burn. Rahulo gritted his teeth at the pain as he sprinted full speed at Kotaro with his enhanced agility. However, knowing he was less likely to succeed again with melee strikes, the airbender sprung into the air a few feet in front of Kotaro. Rahulo somersaulted in the air as he tried getting behind the earthbender. Once he saw the earthbender in his view again during his flip, Rahulo conjured up a large air blast and send it Kotaro's way to attempt to send him into one of the metal walls.

Result: 2: Glancing Blow; the target is struck partially with the attack.

Kotaro: Kotaro was growing fed up of Rahulo's consistent advantage of mobility in the arena, especially since he could only partially avoid the burst of air that struck his left arm but didn't knock him into any walls. It was child's play to gather up the materials from previous attacks into a large earth/mud wave that carried him across the whole arena. Due to his injuries, it was easier to stand on top of the wave and fire more earth discs than try dashing after the obviously faster airbender.

Result: 4: Block; the target blocks the attack.

Rahulo: Rahulo initially motion to roll in order to dodge Kotaro's onslaught of earth discs, but he quickly decided to stay in place. By doing so, he avoided being tripped up by the metal pillar traps that jutted out to the right side of him. Instead, Rahulo choose to stand his ground and used a combination of short air swipes to knock aside the discs, only using an air shield to block the last few which came at him all at once. Having gained the upper-hand for the time being, Rahulo switched to a more aggressive tactic. Instead of dodging around Kotaro's massive, searing mud wave, the airbender propelled himself straight at Kotaro, using a slight kick of air on his launch to attempt to augment his distance by a small fraction. Once at the precise distance he wanted between himself and the earthbender, Rahulo released a massive air vortex, hoping to topple the massive earthbender off of his massive mound and force him back down back to level ground, either by making Kotaro lose his own balance by the sheer power of the air vortex, or by breaking apart any loose piece of earth within the mud tower.

Result: 3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack. Trap Result: 2: Miss

Kotaro: Kotaro's mastery over the wave's patterns enabled him to move it quickly enough, escaping the range of Rahulo's powerful bending. Since the wave allowed him to avoid the said attack and another blast of steam, he was all too grateful for the disturbance. Even with his boots, the stone platform on top of the giant mud blob was too hot to stand on. Nonetheless, small orbs began floating out of the large mass of searing mud and flew towards Rahulo---the special twist was that they weren't just fired towards him. The mud spheres would be redirected towards the airbender if he tried to evade them. Sure, Kotaro couldn't keep them trained on him forever, but dodging them all would be a chore, which could drain more of his stamina.

Result: 3: Miss/dodge; the target is not struck with the attack. Trap Result: 4: Miss.

Rahulo Rahulo constantly swerved and used air punches and kicks to help move himself out of the mud orb's trajectories until he reached the ground. After rolling to dodge one and somersaulting to dodge another, Rahulo realized he could not keep dodging the orbs forever, knowing he would not only wear himself out, but also provide Kotaro with ample time to rest himself. Noticing a water geyser sprout up near him, the airbender dodged each orb once more, but this time catching each of them inside of a large air funnel. Once he successfully captured each orb, Rahulo rotated the funnel to scoop up some of the scalding water from one of the geysers to mix with the mud orbs, hopping to inhibit the earthbender's ability to bend them away, at least somewhat. After absorbing enoug water into the funnel, Rahulo projected the contents of the scalding funnel straight at Kotaro, hoping the mixture of extremely hot mud and water would deal good damage to the earthbender.

Result: 2: Glancing Blow; the target is struck partially with the attack.

Kotaro: Growing tired of the mud waves, Kotaro did his best to pull as much earth from the heap of mud. He aimed to create an earth shelter to deflect the intense attack. The burns, bruises, and fatigue all weighed him down, so that some of the scalding torrent splashed at him before the shelter was complete. Once the attack ceased, the pile of mud was reduced to a large puddle of water, and Kotaro was left on the previously mentioned platform. Confident of the shelter's size and Rahulo's exhaustion, the earthbender hoped the structure would crash right into the airbender and hopefully bring the match to a close.

Result: 4: Block; the target blocks the attack.

Rahulo: Rahulo shifted his weight to jump quickly away from the structure, but a sudden metal pillar jutted from the ground, causing him to fall harshly to the ground and injure his leg. As the giant mass of earth grew closer to him, Rahulo rapidly struck it with several air swipes and a few air kicks to weaken its integrity. Once sufficiently weakened, Rahulo released a massive air blast into one of the cracks he made in it, using the air to blow apart a large section of the structure from the inside-out. Now safe from being hurt by the structure, Rahulo, using the last bit of energy he had left, sent one final air blast in Kotaro's direction, hoping to strike the earthbender at least once more before the end of the match. Rahulo fell to one knee shortly after using his last air blast, panting and sweltering immensely..

Result: 1: Direct Hit; the target is struck directly with the attack. Trap Result: 1: Hit.

Kotaro: Feeling the blast directly strike his knee, Kotaro fell forward and was completely too injured to force himself on his feet once more. Nothing was fatal but his injuries had taken their toll. The probender was more than grateful that the surge of searing steam above him couldn't touch him. Looking defeated, he simply wouldn't quit and had to win. Noticing an earth disk slot near Rahulo and a few more close by, Kotaro knew how he could end this. Like before he tried to use the stones to powerfully launch him away. If successful he'd use another one the same way and repeat the action twice, effectively turning Rahulo into a human pinball.

Result: 4:Block; the target blocks the attack. Trap Result: 4: Miss.


Judge Kotaro/Hydro Rahulo?Ez
  • Creative use of powers: 13/15
  • Effective use of powers: 13/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 9/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4/5
  • Judges discretion: 4/5
  • Creative use of powers: 13/15
  • Effective use of powers: 14/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 9/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4/5
  • Judges discretion: 4/5
Sub Total 43 44
  • Creative use of powers: 10/15
  • Effective use of powers: 12/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 3/5
  • Judges discretion: 4/5
  • Creative use of powers: 8/15
  • Effective use of powers: 11/15
  • Compliance with the RNG ruling: 10/10
  • Spelling and grammar: 4/5
  • Judges discretion: 4/5
Sub Total 39 37
Total 82 81

Harv: Hydro. Fix your grammar. Spelling was good, no errors, but the grammar on both sides could use a touch up. Powers were nothing exceptional, particularly EZ, who I felt did the basics and nothing more. Could have been more inventive. Could also have been more cunning. RNG was followed with excellence - I didn't spot a single break in the instructions, so kudos to both. Overall, well fought, in my eyes, Hydro did use his powers marginally better.

Riri: I personally thought Ez did a bit better but it was kind of a tough decision to begin with. Just teeny errors at your grammar, could have been slightly more creative and I guess that's it. Good job to both of you.

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