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He seems extremely cold and indifferent, but loves challenges both physical and mental, he also finds sadistic pleasure in showing benders how weak they really are.


Kugeki was born and raised among the Southern Water Tribes among the Wastelanders where the strong survived and the weak where left behind. As a result the majority of his clan where benders, and non-benders did not have much potential in life. His father was an Earthbender and his mother was a non-bender who was enslaved to Kugeki's father, Gao, against her will. Kugeki was constantly prodded for signs of bending abilities but none showed up, he became proficient with hunting weapons but could never catch up to the benders' raw power. He often found himself bullied by child benders as a child and learned quickly that the best way to survive is to try to get close to them.

When he became of age (17), Kugeki's father challenged him to a duel in order to be rid of his shame. When Kugeki's mother heard the news she killed herself by stabbing herself in the throat. Kugeki became infuriated and vowed to kill his father. He chose three hunting knives as his weapons in the duel while his father would use only his bending. Gao began by stomping the ground causing a boulder to spring up from it and then side kicking the boulder straight at him. Kugeki faded to the left feeling the wind from the boulder on his face. He then began to run towards his father, throwing a knife at him while he did so. Gao responded by crossing his arms and lowering his stance raising an earth wall to deflect it. He then pushed his palms forward, pushing the wall towards Kugeki. Kugeki jumped over the wall, rolling to break his fall. The earthbender then twisted his stance causing the earth underneath Hugeki to twist making him lose his balance and fall. Hugeki threw a second knife at his father and this one hitting him on the arm. While Gao was distracted Hugeki then ran at his father and reached striking distance. Gao then thew a front snap kick, a pillar of earth rising underfoot as he did so. Hugeki barely dodged it and Gao took the opportunity to throw a straight punch at his son. Hugeki caught his wrist and (copying the movement form the earthbending forms his father forced him to learn) roundhoused his father in the gut. His father lay broken and beaten in the snow, coughing up blood and begging for mercy. And Hugeki loved the feeling of bringing a bender down to this level, especially his father, his mother's corpse flashed before his eyes again and he grabbed his father's throat and choked him until the limbs stopped flailing. As he was the winner the tribe allowed him to stay. However that night, he took what provisions he could and left for the portal to the northern tribe.

When Kugeki reached the northern tribe he was unsatisfied. Though much better than the southern tribe, here the benders still had the advantage over the non-benders. He began an education here, paying his tuition by hunting and selling the meat. He was especially interested in philosophy and history. And he began to come to the realization that every war in history has begun because of the benders. He was especially infuriated by the civil war in Republic City. Holding it to be the ultimate sign that benders and especially the avatar where slowing the progress of the world. While here he watched waterbending forms and practiced them himself while still going through the earthbending forms that his father forced him to learn to better fight without bending or weapons. He began to see bending as an affliction that the lion turtles had put upon mankind to make them reliant on the lion turtles, he believes that bending makes you unbalanced towards one of the elements and he thinks of the avatar as the ultimate unbalancing force, causing the human race to always be subservient to the will of benders. Because he wanted to be able to show a bender that he could beat them with nothing more than his own body. He sparred with some of the waterbender and almost always lost but he still kept going at it and eventually started winning.

One day he saw a bandit bending water at a shopkeeper. He immediately rushed forward in striking range before the bandit could detect him. The bandit bended a water jet at him which he dodged by fading to the right and then pushed the bandit with both of his palms pushing him into kicking range. And then he planted himself in a firm stance and front snapped kicked his jaw, breaking it. The bandit fell on his back and Kugeki began to beat his head in. Eventually the police stopped him but he had already killed the bandit. The police arrested him and put him in jail to wait trial. While in jail he devised a way to escape, he began to slowly scrap bits of rust from the wet parts of the wall. He then began to break off this rust against the rest of the metal to make them into points (like he learned how to make spear and arrow heads) he then made flat bases and set them on the ground by his door. When the guards opened his door to take him to the courthouse they stepped on the shards and Kugeki pushkicked them to the ground. He then ran away into the city. He decided to lay low for a while and then snuck onto a ship bound for the Earth Republic.

While in the Earth Republic he reconsidered about losing control. He realized that losing control when fighting a bender is letting the bender effect him. He decided to dedicate himself to self control and learning more martial arts in addition to ridding the world of the bender hierarchy. He then had a realization, each of the four bender types have a nation. Why not have a non-bender nation? And where better to make one than republic city? There we could combine personal skill with new technology in order to be at the forefront of the world. With these ideas in mind he decided to join the new citizenship program in order to enact these plans.

Joined the Jade Dragon before losing control and attacking Tetsuya who promptly killed him.

Initial Abilities
  • Martial Arts (Passive)

The user is adept in basic martial arts, allowing them to stay on par with someone who has focused their training on bending.

  • Weaponry (Passive)

The user has trained extensively with the use of classical weapons in order to make up for their deficit when it comes to taking on a bender.

  • Agility Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in their agility in order to increase their raw physical speed. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Weight Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training with weights and other forms of exercise in order to increase their raw physical strength. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

  • Endurance Training (Passive)

The user has received extensive training in physical endurance in order to increase the amount of physical energy they have at any given time. They would easily exceed any person who relied on their bending.

Basic Abilities

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Ability 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Ability 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)