Master: Michiya 

Owners: Lasya


Name: Amala 

Gender: Female 

Species: Wyrm-Fox 


Abilities: While Amala's particular species cannot firebend like other types of similar beings, it was a venomous bite which can immobilize but not kill it's target. Like any type of being like herself, she can wrap around her target to put it into a vice grip, effective killing it slowly.


Appearance: Quite long and large, Amala, being a female, is somewhat larger than the males of her species, and could easily wrap around someone with little-to-no trouble at all. She is red in colour and has numerous marking and a sort of fur running down her back, she has two front arms and a fox-like face, with the teeth and tounge of a snake.


Personality: Though incredibly loyal, Amala's species is also incredibly intelligent, constantly needing some sort of entertainment, otherwise it would be likely to destroy property, though strangely, in Amala's case, not her owners'. Being trained quite well, she does not just eat random animals she finds, but only eats what her master, Michiya, or his sisters allow her to consume, and, on occation, if there's a significant amount of trust, what others feed her


History: Since Michiya decided to sneak out of school to learn about the environment directly, he'd often find himself wandering through the caves outside of his home town, one of those times, he discovered a Wyrm-Fox, he quickly assumed it was a dragon of some sort, due to it's size and appearance, however, he soon realized it was nothing of the sort, seeing as it couldn't seem to bend fire. He'd find that the large being had been trapped under a rock, likely caused by a quake or maybe even an earthbender, the next couple times he went to the cave, he made sure to bring the large animal meat, so as to distract it while he attempted to remove the large boulder. After a few weeks of trying, the young boy actually managed to get the boulder off the animal, which, quickly wrapped around the boy though, strangely, not in a vice grip, but somewhat of a hug, almost as if iit were thanking him. He continued to bring the large animal meat, while also leaving her in the cave. Eventually, the boy came back for his friend, and gave her a new name, Amala, after his recently deceased mother. When the siblings were caught by the police and finished with questioning, they were informed that such an animal needed a permit, and with quite a bit of begging to his sisters, Michiya got the permit for the animal.  She was quite well trained, treated and fed while with Michiya, eventually coming to rely on each other, and soon, they were the best of friends, siblings even, while never making this connection with his sisters, Amala still trusts the two girls like some sort of family.

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