Owned by KiraYukimura

Basic Information

Owner: Mikiuo
Species: Penguin-Duck
Gender: Female
Current age: 4
Color: Blue
General Status: Alive


(See Photo)


Very warm and caring towards everyone she encounters.


When Mikiuo lived in the Northern Water Tribe, she often ventured out into the tundra pretending that she was the legendary Katara out on a secret mission to save the world from danger. One day, she came across a lone pengin-duck that seemed to be lost from the rest of it's family. She took it home with her and fed it, hiding the animal in her closet hoping her mother wouldn't notice. However one day, Mikiuo's mother discovered the penguin-duck and told Mikiuo that she could keep it as long as she took care of it. Her mother asked what it's name was and Mikiuo gave her the name, "Rikkua" which means snow fish (the penguin-duck often ate snow fish).