Kadien has light white fur and two large fluffy tails. He also has short and pointy cat ears with the snout of a fox with a tattoo mark on his head. His eyes are blue and pink paws below his fox like front and back legs. 


Through his time with Kadièn, Muyori noticed how docile and obedient he is when close to him but is, for a good reason, nervous and shy when he’s around menacing people considering how he was found. Since the day Muyori and Kadièn have met, the two of the same hair color never left each other’s side for either Muyori's job or otherwise. Always sitting on his masters shoulders like the cute little fox cat he is.


Out in the streets near a local market in the city, Muyori was done with his mercenary job and bought some groceries for dinner that rainy night. While he was walking down past a nearby alleyway, he saw some punk looking kids throwing rocks at what looks like a weird looking animal with long fox ears. The first thing the young mercenary noticed was the fact that this animal oddly enough had the fur color of pure white. But of course he suddenly realized that the animal looked severely tired and beaten before gently dropping his groceries, only picking up a carrot from his bag, to help the creature out. One of the teenagers turned to him and tried to tell him to get out and mind his own business but Muyori wasn't having any of that. To screw with the cruel bastards, he slowly took out a grenade and reached his hand to the pin wearing a wicked smile on his face. Making steady paces at the small group of three with the live grenade, the three idiots immediately deemed him a some sort of sociopath and bailed out of there before they were blown to nothing but badly burnt chunks on the ground…at least that was what the assumed. Laughing a little heartlessly at the cowards, the mercenary kneeled closer to the animal to check if it was alright. Muyori took a better look to see a wounded fox cat, honesty it wasn't the strangest thing he’s ever seen but it was close. He reached his hand to the fox rabbit to comfort it but it replied with a fearful look and backed away slowly until it saw the carrot in my hand. I couldn't help but check if he wanted it by waving it in front of his face. The little guy steady came closer and nibbled at the carrot then went on a frenzy and ate the whole thing before releasing an extremely adorable burp. Getting a bit soaked from the rain, Muyori stood up to leave the alleyway but felt something climb up his right leg and looked down to see the same fox cat nuzzling his leg. Being a complete sucker the little furball, the mercenary lifted the animal up and placed him between his chest and his jacket to keep it warm until he went home. 

He spent a couple of days off work to take care of the little guy as he took care of it’s wound, feed and bathe the fox rabbit. It didn't take much to realize that the animal was a he when Muyori gave him his first bath. But simply being called an "it" wasn't going to cut it for Muyori, so he rubbed the fox cat’s head as he declared him as not only his companion but named him Kadièn which Kadièn revealed his appreciation by lunging up to his new master and liking his cheek in delight. During the time Kadièn was fully healed and was able to move and walk without limping, Muyori had the craziest, and to some most irresponsible idea ever, he was going to train Kadièn so he could work mercenary jobs with him. During his breaks, he trained Kadièn to give certain signals on when an enemy was near by and to count how many people were there by to meowing and shaking a little when he was on his shoulder. The most hectic thing he taught him was to hold onto the full weight of a grenade and charge but managed to carry them with ease after some more training. Muyori even taught the fox cat formal tricks like to respond to other people and obeying simple commands on the go.

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