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Naoko is best described as hardheaded, passionate and impulsive, which are both attributes of her strong determination to master earth and metal bending. Her characteristic qualities have become more highly pronounced since her parent’s deaths. Because of her past, she tends to be extremely rebellious and enjoys breaking rules. Although she’s not afraid to put up a fight, she doesn’t like it when innocent people get hurt. She has very few goals in life. Mastering earth and metal bending, continuing her career in pro-bending, protecting Tetsuya and never being found by her previous employer.


Naoko's childhood started out good, as most childrens lives do. She had good parents, her father an earthbender and her mother a nonbender, she lived on a small farm in the southern earth kingdom. Her life was great, until sometime after she turned 6. A bad storm hit her family's farm at full force, destroying the family's crops and barn. Her parents didn't have the money to pay for the damage so her father got a loan from a friend of his, a man named Ling. A few months later, Ling turned up on the farm with several other men asking for his money to be payed back. Her father, still far behind on paying the debt back, told him so and Ling grew angry, telling his men to destroy the farm. While trying to stop them, her father and mother were killed. After the farm had been destroyed until there was nothing left except Naoko, he decided to take Naoko as payment for her father debt.

She began her life as a errand girl, working for Ling and his men to work off her deceased father's debt. She spent years doing their bidding but always laying low. When she was 11, she had worked of her debt and offered a job by a ally of the man, a crime lord by the name of Seiko Denji. She didn't have a choice on accepting the job or not so she was sent to Ba Sing Se to be trained in earth bending by orders of Seiko. She was trained for a year before she began doing special jobs for him, like stealing from high ranking families and blackmailing businesses. This went on til she turned 17. She was out on a job one night, robbing a rich and powerful family.

While in the middle of ransacking the empty home, she ran into another thief in the house. At first the two were very wary of each other, before Naoko spoke up saying she was leaving and she had to return to her boss. This seemed to bother the other thief and he called out on her, asking why she was letting someone control her like that. They argued for a short while before the guy struck up a deal with Naoko, saying they could be partners and they would be equals to each other. The idea cause Naoko to have a change of heart and she quickly leap at the offer. They agreed to work together and become masked criminals that tore through the Earth Kingdom and later the United Republic of Nations.

After spending a year of eluding Earth Kingdom officials, the fearsome duo decided spending some time in the great Republic City would be a good call. But at this point Naoko began to question her relationship with her partner Tetsuya. It wasn't as platonic as it started out, anyway the two were accepted into the city. Since they were careful not to get their faces on wanted posters all over the Earth Kingdom. Tetsuya got the idea for them to become pro-benders, so they live in High Rise Flats. Bending athletes by day and professional thieves at night.