Name: Kaskae

Species: Polar Bear Dog

Age: 1 1/2

Appearance: Kaskae, being the runt of his litter and having dwarfism, is quite a bit smaller than most polar bear dogs, because of this, he cannot carry more than 1 person as more than that likely wouldn't fit. He has some small diamond shaped black tufts on his neck and chest but other than this, there are no other inherent features 

History: Near the beginning of Nilak's travels, he decided to go as far south as possible working his way north, during his time in the far south, he met a wandering exotic pet breeder. Luckily, when he arrived, there were numerous polar bear dog pups all about 6 months old for sale. Nilak immidiately noticed and took a liking to the smallest pup and asked if he could buy it. The salesman, knowing no one else was likely to buy the small creature, sold him to Nilak at a discount. He was given the name Kaskae ironically, roughly translating to 'chief', due to his small sizeDuring Nilak's travels across the world he was trained well, and grew to be comfortable around others or by himself for extended periods of time if the need should arise.

Personality: Kaskae is friendly and enjoys to play, wanting to play with almost everyone, though can be more serious if needed. Like most animals, he has a keen sixth sense about people and other situations, and will often audibly complain if something should be amiss.

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