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Basic Information

Owner: Sakarai
Species: Snow Leetah
Gender: Male
Current age: 2
Color: Brown
General Status: alive and healthy




For an animal, he has a very distinguished personality. He's well behaved, but likes to test boundaries. He is a tad lazy, preferring to sleep, but enjoys a good run. Very friendly and loyal, having a good sense of personality, he's a great judge of character. He also loves food.


When Sakarai turned 16, right before the move to Republic City, he received Niko. Niko was previously owned by a friend of the family, who could no longer care for him. Sakararai's father was the one to buy him.

Sakarai and Koko, his sister, named Niko together. They both took responsibility for the two year old feline, although Sakarai was the real owner of the pet.

Niko did not like the move to Republic City, so as of late he's been very pissy at the siblings. Usually, he is used as transportation by Sakarai, as he is very fast. Niko gets up to 60mph, when running and can run 90mph in short spurts.