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    Character Name: Rozan the Torch

    Bender Type: Nonbender

    Age: 27

    Appearance: Usually dressed in a white suit and a black bowler hat. Long, but finely combed orange hair.

    Personality: Straight to the point, but sarcastic. Suave, almost soothing, but manipulative and scheming.

    History: Not much is known about Rozan's life, other than his criminal record going back as far as his pre-teens. Theft, arson, armed robbery, and resisting arrest spot his history.

    Off the record, he was born to a wealthy Earth Republic family that owned a company working with the distribution of metals and fossil fuels, which often could go into the development of illegal weapons used by nonbenders. When it was discovered that his father worked with the Republic City mafias that stockpiled said resources, his father went to prison and their assets were frozen. Suddenly, Rozan and his family were forced into the slums and his mother turned to alcoholism, all before his eighth birthday. None of his family could bend, so they couldn't use those talents to find work in any industry, which makes it no surprise that he couldn't bend either, so he was never expected to try.

    In order to keep his family fed, he fell into working with a colorful group of criminals that used pickpocketing, explosives, manipulation, and robbery to get what they wanted, He took to learning from these people and, with their help, he was able to provide for his family until his mother succumbed to alcohol poisoning, by the time he turned sixteen. At that point, he went on a rampage and attempted to bomb the factory of a competitor company that ensured his father's guilty sentence. This landed him in the Republic City Mental Facility.

    Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

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    • Well seeing as you didn't get this preapproved for the RWBY RP and it's still here, I'm guessing you still want it to be approved?... If that's the case, can you please put an age for when he or someone else realized he could not bend? Thanks.

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    • This Application Has Been Accepted!


      This application has been approved as a nonbender. You now need to make a page for your character as well as a word bubble. Please check out our template guide.

      The ARPW Staff Team

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