• Well I’m happy to announce that the wiki has made it to it’s 2nd year! It hasn’t been completely easy since last year and obviously we’ve lost plenty of people along the way. But due to the loyalty and reliability of several longtime users, ARPW had managed to stay afloat. The current state of the wiki does leave me unhappy since chat is often dead and barely anyone really does reg rps anymore. But at least you guys take event posting seriously so Book 1’s been able to continue. But I’d like to talk about a few things.

    Book’s 1 Completion- Tbh after the 3rd act we’re heading straight to the finale, we lag occasionally cuz wing or gig will end up busy and unable to add an important post but they always end up making it happen. My dream is to end Book 1 next month or October, we’ll see.

    Probending- Well it’s been a long time since we’ve done a probending tournament. I’d love to have one whenever Book 1’s done.

    Kyuseishu- Riri’s busy with exams so I can’t honestly say when that can actually be set up. But keep in mind we can’t really have any events with it till Book 1 ends anyway.

    LSI- For anyone else concerned about the fate of LSI with Lissy leaving, don’t be. I’ve already talked it out with riri and she’ll take the faction at the end of book 1 if lissy doesn’t return by then.

    Post Book 1 Plans- Yeah if you guys didn’t figure out, finishing B1 is pretty important since there are plenty of events planned afterwards. All involving the 6 factions in B1 rn and the other two mentioned above.

    Furthermore- I’d like to personally thank everyone who’s been able to stick around and keep contributing to the wiki and it’s activity. Let’s keep the wiki alive alright? Now at least someone had to foresee this but..everyone who comments gets 5 EP :D (Only active users who own at least one char will be awarded) The giveaway ends exactly one week after.

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