• Character Name: Sanrok  

    Bender Type: Water   

    Age: 28  

    Appearance: Nanuk  

    Personality: Prone to sarcasm and sass, Sanrok is a brave and adventurious explorer with a fascination for the outdoors and plant life. Particularly, he feels most at home outside in the wilderness. Being a guarded and secretive man, he greatly values his privacy. He also hates to be bothered while working. His is somewhat of a perfectionist, having very high expectations, and is a bit of a clean freak. Despite being easily frustrated, he rarely breaks out in an angry fit and thus is usually quite calm.  

    History: (Three paragraphs, detailed, containing at least seven sentences)  

    Character Alignment: Lawful Good  

    A guide of character alignments can be seen here.

    Optional types of information would be:  

    Height: 5'9"  

    Weight: 160  

    Parent Names: Father and Mother  

    Sexuality: Submarine

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