• Hey everyone, thinking back on past shit going on in the wiki has got me into the idea of maybe starting up a character creation contest thing again.

    I have been a little low on morale concerning the wiki lately and am looking to bring my interest back up again and so I started looking through all my past ideas and past events to see if anything actually interested me and I stumbled on a old blog of mine in which I talked about starting up the old character contest again but putting a different spin on it, namely set up a sort of help program in which I help you guys out with anything character related be it history, personality or just checking out the app asap and in this program I'd hold contests in which users submit entirely self-made chars that go in the running to either be paid for as a special case character (check out the details of what a SCC is here) or if the char is not an SCC a free power advancment prize on me. 

    Now this is by no means a done deal or anything as I have yet to talk it over with hydro or wing but please give me your thoughts on it. Should I run just the contest or the help service too? Maybe the other way around? Or should I just not do it?

    Thanks for your opinions and shit


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