• Bird Page V1/Pet
    • A version of Bird Page V1 has been made for pets and uses fields specific to them (species, colour etc). Pages using Bird Page V1 or raw code have been converted to prevent false categorisation.
    • Pet versions of other character pages can be made on request.
    • Added edgy memes.
    • Sub-pages can have their titles changed to something more concise using the magic word DISPLAYTITLE (yes, I'm a wizard). The page name does not change, but it's appearance is far more user-friendly (see The Fifth Element). This is recommended for pages for locations, pets and children. Sub-pages within a building should retain the name of the building they are found in (again see Fifth Element and its sub-pages).
    • The magic word is easy to use: {{DISPLAYTITLE:NEW TITLE}}, with the replacement name after the colon. This does NOT appear in a page preview, but does change when normally viewing the page. It is recommended to leave the magic word at the top of the page code for convenience.
    • In addition, this will let us have "duplicate" characters that share the same name, but are different people. Each page will contain the owner's name to keep them separate, but will use DISPLAYTITLE to change the title appearance.

    Varrick and Zhu Li
    Wingstrike - Technical Admin
    TALK - 03:53:15 October 20, 2016

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    • these memes are just beautifully edgy gj

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    • A FANDOM user
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