• As you're walking down Zhishi, a brightly coloured poster catches your eye; The art is something similar to that you'd see on a circus poster, and a smiling brown-haired girl, along with a bit text, was portrayed. It read:

    The White Jade Theatre Club is now hiring! If you're a dancer, a singer, a magician, or someone with talent, you're welcome to join Ringmaster Rose on an adventure for entertainment!

    Along with it, was an address, and instructions - "Go here and talk to Ringmaster Rose for an interview!"

    A new faction appears!

    Hi, So I'm in need of some donations of EP, and a list of characters who would join a circus-like group of thieves in Republic City (They don't kill, they just steal). So, if any of you are feeling generous, or if you think one of your characters may join, feel free to comment below! You could also create characters for this is you like. The more the merrier~

    Let me describe the White Jade Theatre Club a bit more.

    Their HQ is going to be a cabaret of sorts. A small pub-restaurant type of place with a stage set for shows and the likes. They will use their abilities to take small items from their crowd, and they will have a person who will sell such items to gain a profit (For now it'll just be Taira)

    The leader of it is a girl named Taira, but in the House of Cards, she'll be known as Ringmaster Rose. She's a card magician.

    Those who are invited to join.... Think of it like a circus-type deal. Magicians, psychics, acrobats, animal tamers, you name it I will probably OK it.

    The HQ and faction will not be officially made until book 1 ends or until I get enough EP. Whichever comes first.

    I'll try and answer any questions you guys may have.
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