• I am proud to announce that the epic but incredibly long crossover event known as Book 1 has finally come to a close. Ofc the participating users (Me, Wing, Gig, Torrun, Broken, Ez, Dark and Myst) will receive their EP prizes shortly. But I will now explain what has occurred during the fateful conclusion of the story and afterwards. (listen as you read to set the tone cuz why the hell not? Torrun's idea)

    Once Faceless and the Yin Shi had promptly arrived to the crisis, The Jade Dragon had surprisingly began their retreat instead of trying to continue their bloody onslaught. Their mission had been successful: destroy the people’s faith in the RCPD and lower their forces significantly. But before they had left, their combustionbender had fired a powerful series of blasts to prevent the new alliance from following them. Leaving them immobilized and with light casualties.

    The whole area of Zhili had been completely destroyed as rescue operations had begun with Akar and Haru’s murderers gone. Counting the fallen officers, the death toll had been over 300 people. As this occurred, the Syndicate had been attacked by members of the Ryuketsu Clan in an attempt to wipe them out. But Ichirou’s newly hired mercenaries had been able to fend them off and kill them, so he now knew of Haru’s new allegiance to the Jade Dragon.

    Chief Shan had been executed by Akar, keeping the truth about the Syndicate's ties to the council and control over the police a mystery. Bringing the whole council under suspicion, the group known as Lan Shen Investigations was secretly hired to find out which councilor was corrupt as a terrorist cell known as the Kyuuseishu had been trying to kill them all with interference from the RCPD.

    Kairo had decided after their recent loss and struggle against the RCPD, it was the group’s best interest to lay low and lick their wounds. As the Yin Shi was hired to launch a new pursuit to find and capture the Jade Dragon since they had experience dealing with them. But unfortunately the Jade Dragon had secretly been putting a plan together to expand their influence to the Earth Republic and were nowhere to be found in Republic City.

    Surprisingly Haru had decided to leave the city with his beloved girlfriend Huo Li to pursuit a quiet life together, leaving the faction in the hands of Xiang and Huo Li’s little sister Mai Li. They continued to aid the Jade Dragon with their assassination skills.

    As the current events began to wind down Faceless had begun to notice a surge in street vigilantism due to the success of Akar’s plan to ruin the RCPD’s reputation, overcoming the grief he felt for the death of one of his comrades. Kairo went on to recruit and guide these new vigilantes and prepare for Faceless’ grand return to their large scale activities. With terrorists trying to murder the entire council and every cop in their way while the culprits of the Zhili Crisis remained at large along with the master of the Syndicate, it’s clear the heroes of the city have much work ahead of them to steer the tide of the city’s welfare. To prevent another catastrophe like the one that had occurred a month ago.

    So that's the entire story, designed to leave things at an interesting point and set the groundwork for future events leading up to Book 2.

    So now to list the exact amount of EP everyone has earned.

    Me- 10 EP Torrun- 10 EP Broken-9 EP Ez- 9 EP Gig- 9 EP Wing- 9 EP Dark- 7 EP Myst- 6 EP

    Of course this means that all Book 1 characters are finally free to be rped again.

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