Name: Kashou, Ryuu

    Ethnicity: Fire

    Citizenship Status: Fire Nation/United Republic dual-citizenship

    Classification: Lawful Amoral

    Bending Abilities: Yes

    Years of Residency: 14

    Present Occupation: Businessman

    Analysis: Mr. Ryuu Kashou was born in the Fire Nation town of Sekitan in the year 294. He attended Fire Fountain University, though transferred to Republic University later on and stayed there where he began working as a small-time entrepreneur. However, he left to travel the Earth Republic after the death of his uncle.

    When he did return, Kashou's business truly began. Using money from investments he made in seemingly worthless Si Wong lands rich with oil, he began to put money back into Republic City industry--particularly in repurposing old refineries and factories left abandoned by the Civil War. This made him incredibly popular among the working-class citizens left abandoned and impoverished. However, he was extremely ruthless, and it is rumored he has aligned himself with organized criminals to keep potential business rivals at bay.

    Despite several formal and informal indictments made against him, Kashou remains a vastly popular figure. Some have even clamored for him to run for political office, though President Hui Li denied him a potential commerce secretary selection, despite pressure otherwise, out of principle, and has worked to combat Kashou's efforts, making them rivals indeed.

    Kashou emblem
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    • You're missing personality and alignment

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    • The personality can be inferred from the Analysis section.

      Alignment is Lawful Amoral.

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    • Okay so the history isn't terrible, but there are a few minor issues. I feel like there should be something written about his childhood, like give us some idea of what it's like. Also it's Earth Republic, not Kingdom. I'm a lil iffy on him refining ancient factories cuz it just seems to give him too much influence. But as long as you clarify it was a handful of them or something. I'd allow that.

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    • There isn't really a whole lot to say about his childhood that's all that important or relevant. Besides, it doesn't really suit the format I was going for with the ¬†profile.

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    • Okay I get that, but it's 100% required for you to at least tell us how old he was when he started bending. like just a sentence listing that and changing earth kingdom to earth republic are two minor edits you need to make before i can approve this.

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    • A FANDOM user
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