• I'd like to announce that all four of the nation's lore sections that can be found in the World History section of the nav bar have been updated and will be linked below. The purpose of this update is to diversify the nations, allow for more interesting histories and even make it easier to mold characters specifically made for factions.

    Stories that can be written would be a young man raised by a sinister assassin clan in the Fire Nation, a teenage girl from the Southern Air Temple kidnapped during a wastelander raid who made her daring escape and even an insane terrorist who hates the corrupt government of the Earth Republic.

    Obviously some ideas like those could've been done already, the lore is there to provide more inspiration really. Furthermore, there's no need to update a character's history but you're more than welcome to if you'd like. But this will be mandatory to follow for all future apps I'd also like to note that the lore pages might be subject to minor tweaks since i'm always getting new ideas really. Me and Gig worked hard on this, I hope you enjoy.





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