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    Name: Rana Karoshi

    age: 21

    alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Bender Type: Earthbending

    Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair. Rana stands at a mere 5'3", and has a very slim figure. She typically dresses in very boring, colourless outfits, typically suits, and wears her long black hair in a hair tail.


    Rana was born to a small town south of Ba Sing Se, a mining town torn between two ruling families - The Mukankakus and the Karoshis. Although the families have much less animosity between the two of them since her cousins, Taro and Goma were born, and subsequently murdered by the hands of some bandits, they still were not friendly. Rana’s father, Xuan Karoshi, was a ruthless businessman, who after claiming his sibling, Li and her husband Shang, unable to run the mines, especially with another child to take care of, made a deal. As long as they were unable to, or their daughter Ryoko was unable to, he was to look after the mines until one of them were able to take over.

    Rana was born not long after that child of Li and Shang. Rana did not know her cousin, Ryoko, well. In fact, she barely knew her at all. Rana didn’t get much time to play with her siblings or cousins all that often, given the fact that she was being taught by her father how to run a mine and its subsequent businesses. Xuan depended on her to expand the company the two families had brought together alongside Ryoko one day.

    Unlike Ryoko, or actually, many members of her family, Rana seemed to have certain abilities show up at the young age of six. As distracting as it, was, Xuan allowed his daughter to practice her earthbending with a teacher, for a couple of hours a week. Given the time management, Rana isn’t that gifted in bending, although she could be if given enough time and energy into it.

    Li Karoshi and Shang Mukankaku died shortly after Ryoko’s seventeenth birthday, and Rana’s fiftheenth. Rana did not mourn her aunt and uncle, as she didn’t know them. What she had seen of them, she did not like very much. Ryoko, as the named heir, retained control of the mine, and Rana worked under her, as an advisor and business partner. For a while, things were going well. Business was growing, and Ryoko even managed to take control of a rival mining company.

    That’s when the rumours began to start. The rumours that her cousin - who she had began to enjoy the company of, even if they were more along the lines of colleagues rather than family - was not fit to run the company. The rumours had eventually landed Ryoko in a mental facility on the grounds of chronic sociopathy.

    This left Rana to run the company in the absence of Ryoko, knowing very well she would give it up the moment Ryoko came back clear of mental flaws. Rana was looking forward to that. For years, Rana worked tirelessly to keep the name of the mine running, and expanding it. She even aimed on shipping directly to Republic City. It was on business in Republic City that Rana learned her cousin had been released. Not wishing to run the business on the lie of her being in the sanitarium, Rana decided to go to Republic City herself to find Ryoko, and bring her back.


    Given the choice, Rana would choose business over family. But, given the chance, when she gets attached to someone, she would choose them over anything. Her business tactics are ruthless, along with her protective nature over those she loves. But she doesn’t tend to show a loving side to people. Her facade is overbearingly presentable, and never unofficial. She also doesn’t have much of a humour about her. Sure, she’ll laugh about certain things, but only really when she’s supposed to. That’s the thing about her. Rana never seems to do anything she’s not supposed to at any given time. Pure business. That’s what Rana is.

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