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    Xia Xia 

    Name: Xia Xia

    age: 13  

    alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Bender Type: Air Bending 

    Appearance: She has a orange long wavy hair. She has blue eye and She has leg paralysis illness since her tragedy childhood. She always dress in a loose clothing. She wear shoes made of cotton. She has small eye with long eyelash. She always speak softly. She sit on a mechanic wheel chairt which equip with all sort of hidden weapon and mechanic function. She always has a wonderful smell when she appear. 


    Xia Xia is born in Mechanist Family reside in Northern Air Temple. She come down from the Mechanist Direct Family where Avatar Aang meet before. The Family has grow into one of the large mechanist industry in the World second than Future Industry. Her family is rich and famous. They are once a supporter of equalist. For her mother, she come from a abbey near the shore of mo ce sea. She is a nun from perfume industry. 

    n her 5, She fall down from a cliff in Northern Air Temple. She was climbing up to a high tree on a cliff. It is the closest place near the sky. She jump off from the cliff and miraclely, she meet a kind spirit and save her. The price she has to pay is her leg. She give up her leg just so she can live again

    In her 8, Xia Xia enter into the air temple. She follow the instruction on the air temple. She discover her Air Bending Ability, however her family forbidden her to learn and embrace the Art. Ever since, She hide her power in front of people. However, she still practice the art following the instruction on the air temple `s wall. Untill her father notice, he is furious of her disobedient, she is send to republic city for good. Her family is proud of their technology. They think their technology is more superior than air bending. Any air bender in the family will be deem as a curse. Her mother however secretly on her side build a large room for her. It has high ceiling which she can practice around.  On the top of the high ceiling is a window to a balcony which can only access by air bender. It become Xia Xia hideout spot. 

    In her 9, some bandit try to kidnap Xia Xia to threaten her family. They attack her in mansion at night. All the servant and the guard is taken down. Until they reach her room, they try to kidnap her but suprisingly is all defeated by Xia Xia. After these incident, her father later build her a mechanic wheel chair for her protection. 

    One day, Xia xia finally decide she should leave the mansion. She decide to stood up to her father. When her father visit her, She told her father she want to travel the world. She want to visit many place such as ba sing se, kiyoshi island and others air temple. Her father lock her up in her room with a chain and now all she can do is fly up to the window to see the world from outside. 


    Xia Xia in her current condition, she always act happy and cheerful but she sometime feel depress secretly due to her leg illness. She wish to be free. She always being cautious around people. She afraid she would ruin her reputation of her family.  Xia Xia `s favourite animal is bird. She always wish to fly like them. She has total opposite characteristics as Toph. She is kind and gentle. she refuse to kill people. She usually knock her opponent out cold. 

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    • Ok this is a solid first attempt though it is a little short, generally the history should have the same number of paragraphs that you have, however each paragraph should be about twice as long. The personality should be at least about twice as long as well. 

      Simply put you need to put a little more detail into the personality and history. Your application format is good so that is not an issue. However your grammar and sentence structure are more of an issue. For example you have "In her 5, She fall down from a cliff in Northern Air Temple. She was climbing up to a high tree on a cliff. It is the closest place near the sky. She jump off from the cliff and miraclely, she meet a kind spirit and save her. The price she has to pay is her leg. She give up her leg just so she can live again. " This paragraph would both work better and make more sense like this. "In her 5th year, She fell down a cliff in the Northern Air Temple. She was climbing a large tree by the cliffside as it was the closest place in the temple to the sky. When she fell she was met by a kind spirit, who miraculously saved her life. She however, lost her leg in the process as a price for this miracle." 

      If you have any questions or need any help in the future please feel free to message a staff member, we would be more than happy to help you out 


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    • So what should i do next? Elaborate more on her?

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    • Yeah that's essentially all you have to do, just go into more detail about the events of her life and what she is like. Sorry for the late replys wikia has been screwing up for me so if you need a hand with anything please go and message Hydrocarbon1997

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    • How this?

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    • okay so some major issues I picked up on was the fact that you don't have an image for your character which is actually required. also I'm pretty sure we don't allow any characters to be descendants of any canon characters.

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    • how about origin?

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    • what do ya mean?

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    • if i change her background into father come from the airplane industry of air temple and mother from the nun of perfume temple?

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    • No Response?

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    • The Wikia has only recently been rekindled.

      I'm afraid that we are not allowing characters that are 10 years of age. 13 is the minimum.

      The mechanist family as you put it around are no longer residents there and we have a rule disallowing being directly related to a character from the show.

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