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    Character Name: Jang

    Bender Type: Earth Bender

    Age: 19


    Jang has sparkling, slanted brown eyes, with olive skin, a pointed jaw, ruffled, messy black hair. He’s fairly tall, with a slim, muscleless build that he hides beneath a black uniform (consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, baggy pants and tall boots) and a leaf-green cloak over it, that is buttoned up at the neck.

    Scars dot and blemish his body, with the most visible one being a deep cut that runs down the length of his abdomen, which broke two ribs inside his chest and weakened his sternum, making his chest the most vulnerable area, which he tries to protect with self-added iron plates on the inside of his shirt, which heat up greatly in summer, making him seek shade often - a heavy downside.

    History: Born and raised in the trading town Tongshu, by his father Lee, the village elder and blacksmith, and his mother Viv, a herbalist. Under their guidance, he learned the ins and outs of smithing thanks to his father, planning to be a smith when he grows up though both of them wished more for him, and quickly enrolled him into school at the age of 7. As neither of his parents were benders, it was thought that he wasn’t one either, and thus he never attempted to learn Earthbending. Though multiple times in his life he had bent earth but ignored it trying too bury it down as his parents were quite bendist, giving him a strange cognitive dissonance that forced him to pretend to be a non-bender. It wasnt untill adult-hood that he started to try bending on his own.

    In school, he was picked on, and thanks to the hostile environment, struggled academically, to the point where he flat-out dropped school by the age of 14 and chose instead to completely take up smithing as a job once his father grew too old to do it properly, hoping too learn the ins and outs of swordsmanship, having the new wish in life to join the Town Guard and protect those he loved and cherished. ​​

    However, his wish quickly crumbled when the Black Foxes - one of the many raider clans of the region, struck the village by surprise on the day of his 16th birthday. Thanks to this fact, the raiders decided that, as a mocking present, he should be the one to live - whereas the rest of the population was massacred.

    Plagued by the scars that he acquired in the process, and the guilt of being unable to save those he cared for the most, Jang’s next two years were spent wandering the vast lands of the Earth Kingdom, doing oddball jobs around other villages, as an effort to clean his conscience, to make up for his failure by helping others. Slowly, the seed of self-hatred was planted in his psyche, constantly reinforced by the self-imposed loneliness that came with all of his travel.

    Finally, two years later, the world opens up to him, and he arrives in Republic City, where he hopes that, someday, he could clear his consciousness, and help himself forget of the stain that the raiders left on his mind.


    During his time with them, his parents taught him what he sees as the foundation of society - kindness, hard work and dedication. Despite all of his occasional downfalls, he holds these three principles to heart, and treats everyone he meets with kindness, and treats all the jobs he is assigned with hard work and dedication.

    However, events in his life have taken a toll on him, and the way he acts. Long periods of isolation thanks to his travelling have stripped him of any sort of social skills (not that he had many in the first place), leaving him awkwardly stammering and stuttering at any conversation. Guilt due to past events in his life caused a deep self-hatred, which, in turn, led to a complete lack or will for self-preservation. Frequently, he sees himself as less than others, and thus holds their wishes and requests to a higher priority than his own well-being in a search for redemption that will never come.

    Despite this making him very easily used, he is not gullible, and experience acquired in his journeys has made him fairly smart. However, his bending skills are still far, far below average for a person his age.

    Character Alignment: Chaotic Virtuous

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Height: 1.87m

    Weight: 90 kg

    Parent Names: Lee and Viv

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    • This character needs a picture, as they will be used in RPing on this site.

      Bullying based on not having bending would be uncommon in places like this where nonbenders would be the majority. 

      Bending shows up among all children, that are benders that is, before the age of 11, often without even meaning to do it. 

      For balance purposes benders are not premitted to be well versed in weapon based martial arts and medical skills, aside from water healing, are left to them for balance reasons as well. 

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    • This Application Has Been Accepted!


      This application has been approved as an Earthbender. You now need to make a page for your character as well as a word bubble. Please check out our template guide.

      The ARPW Staff Team

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