Name: Toklo

Class: Water Bender

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Sexuality: Straight

Family: As far as he is concerned: only Issa. They are brother and sister. By blood, however, they do have a half-dead mother and a missing father. Their mother - Sura - was just a woman that showed up every couple of weeks demanding whatever money or goods they had been able to attain during raids. She used it for herself, and somehow couldn't ever find enough to drink.

Appearance: Toklo is lean, but still muscular. His light brown hair is slightly shaggy, and cut just above his ears except for one small section on the left side, which reaches just past his chin. He holds those strands together with a single blue strap. His eyes are a blue as pure as the sky.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 167 lbs

History: Members of the Southern Water tribe, or what once had been, Toklo and Issa were raised as pirates as soon as they were old enough to be of use. While Issa thrived on the thrill of battle, Toklo despised every part of their life. Their father had presumably been killed or taken captive during one of the raids. That was when Toklo was ten, and Issa was nine. Because of that, Toklo feared leaving for a raid despite his perfectly capable skills as a warrior and bender. At home all they had was each other, and a few morsels that hardly counted as meals, but it was enough for them to survive. Still, Toklo hated going home because that brought the very possible chance of Sura showing up and taking what he and Issa had earned for themselves. Granted, they earned it by stealing, but there was no other way of life for them. Toklo wished desperately for a change – for an honest life without the need to hurt others and steal what little they had. Issa was less bothered by their situation, however she was not fond of hurting innocents, either. She loved to fight, but would rather it be a target a little more menacing than a few townspeople simply trying to defend their livelihood from pirates. It remained that way for years, without the hope of gaining a new life, a new start. That is, until word reached Toklo's ears about the Citizenship Project. As soon as he heard about it, he researched the Project until he was sure that it wasn't a fluke, and then he told Issa. His sister was sceptical, but when he mentioned moving far away from the pitiful hierarchy of Wastelanders, and Sura, she agreed quite enthusiastically. As soon as they could they packed the few things they had and left, without even a single word to Sura. They just left a note in the middle of the floor of their makeshift shack. It had four words written on it. – Good luck without us –

Personality: Toklo is the very image of protective older brother. He is stern and sometimes even harsh, not just with Issa but others as well, as long as he has reason. Aside from that he retains an outwardly friendly appearance. He has a strong sense of morality and detests breaking the law for his own gain, despite the fact that he’s done that for most of his life. In truth, the main reason he participates in raids is because of Issa. They had no way to live in the Wastelands, much like the others, and so were driven by a need to survive. For the longest time he tried everything aside from joining in with his people. During that time, he would give Issa most of what he found. He would rather starve himself than let her die. It became clear, however, that scrounging at home wouldn't cut it. Issa was the first to admit it, and she told her brother that she was going on the next raid whether he wanted her to or not. He could not let her go alone, but he couldn't stop her either. So he followed her on that raid, and on all the others, but he despised himself all the while. He always found ways at home to help others, mostly to soothe his own guilt, but even that wasn't enough. Issa often suggested that they run away, but Toklo despite all of his nobility relied too heavily on logic. He didn't think they would have a chance of survival in the world, especially if they had no means to get there, so they remained in the Wastelands.