During his time living with his Grandfather after the accident, a young Torian had made the discovery of his life. It was well after midnight when he awoke to the sounds of sorrow. Knowing him, he decided to investigate. The sounds seemed to be coming from the woods, deep within its clearing. It wasn't long before Torian finally found the source and it almost made him weep. A small animal was cradling next to a bigger version of it. It-she-was crying. As he slowly got closer, the scene began to make sense. The small animal, identified now as an addapard, was huddling against her mother's corpse. Some cruel and heartless monster shot it with an arrow, but miraculously spared its child. Torian couldn't bare to see anything despair like this, which caused him to make his choice.

Torian hurried back to his home to gather supplies and returned back to the clearing with some raw meat and a blanket. With each item hand in hand, he slowly approached the baby addapard. As he got closer, she began to sense his presence and stared cautiously at him. Without making any sudden movements, he slowly crouched down and placed the raw meat onto the ground. It worked, as the smell drew the attention of the cub and beckoned it toward it. Torian had to use hand gestures and the occasional "Come on" before the cub finally began eating the meat. As it slowly dug into the meat, Torian grabbed the small blanket and slowly covered the cub. Surprisingly, it didn't run off and first contact;instead, the cub embraced Torian, and he it. And they were like that.

It took some explaining, but Torian managed to convince Koda into letting him keep the baby addapard, who he named Tsuna, after his late mother. Torian and Tsuna were inseperable, both of them used the other as crutches for their recent losses. Torian loved Tsuna, and she loved Torian. As he came of age and his journey to Republic City arrived, he could think of no other reason why he shouldn't take Tsuna along with him.

As a mature female, Tsuna is mountable and nimble creature. She can avoid attacks with ease and is fairly fast.

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