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Basic Information

Bender type: Waterbender
Title: Tidal Eclipse
Current age: 23
General Status: Alive and well
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'9
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Relationship Status: Single
OOC Plans: Sunni Records


Tsuki is average in his build. His stature is a tad more feminine than other men. He's very flexible and has an air of finesse and elegance surrounding him. He has a single beauty mark right next to his left eye. His skin tone is fair. His height is a somewhat short 5'9. He has white hair and purple eyes.


Through his traumatizing past, Tsuki was left with little motivation to be a social person. He withdrew himself from others and lived his social life in a defensive manner. Simply put, Tsuki is reserved and reclusive. Tsuki’s personality is atypical to others in his line of work. Around his father especially, Tsuki never expressed any signs of interest in other men. Now liberated from his tyrant of a dad, he is a tad more flirtatious; however, old habits die hard. Tsuki still manages to flirt in a completely apprehensive way. Though his mother is long passed, she certainly left her mark on Tsuki. He wishes to follow his mother’s artistic values. He’s an experienced singer, exceptional actor, and a graceful dancer. Despite this, his confidence is lacking thanks to his father. He never auditioned for anything before, for he feared he’d get shot down or ridiculed. He intends to turn that around in Republic City.


Tsuki, named after the lustrous moon, was birthed from Sedna, a graceful waterbender and dancer. His father, Tobio, set the child in place to be the heir to Tobio’s business. The three lived in the fire nation. This was where Tobio had been born himself. Tobio expected much of his child and started teaching him at the age of three. When the child was not busy with his father, he loved to watch his mother perform. He found himself dazzled by his mother’s dancing combined with the elegance of her waterbending. Coincidentally, the child discovered his waterbending at about the age of four. He was playing with his mother in a recreational pool and they began to notice his slight amounts of control with the water. This was the first of many times he would leave his father in dissatisfaction. His father had hoped his child would be a firebender like himself. Nevertheless, he realized the boy had no control over this, so he wasn’t too displeased.

For the next year, Tsuki practiced in private with his mother. He learned to dance and sing from her. His mother found he was exceptionally passionate about the arts. She knew with a little practice, his passion could easily turn into a great talent. When he was five, his mother died from a serious illness. Tobio saw this as an opportunity to get into his child’s head. Tobio convinced Tsuki that Sedna wanted him to help his father and succeed him. Tsuki was disappointed but agreed to focus on his schooling instead of the arts.

For mom. These two words were the sole meaning of his life through childhood. Day after day, week after week, year after year. He felt as if he were falling through an endless pit. Nothing had meaning. “How are your grades in school? Did you hear about that internship offering? I heard so-and-so is taking tutoring on the weekends.” Tsuki was sixteen, for Raava’s sake. He wanted space to do what he wanted. His passion for the arts still hadn’t faded. His father believed it to be a phase, but Tsuki knew better. He knew of his father’s manipulation. Tsuki was livid. He concealed it, for he knew his consequences would be dire if he were to speak up or to show his own opinion. “All this money I spend on your education, and for what? These grades?” Tsuki had nothing to say for himself. He was silenced. Tsuki’s opinion meant nothing, so he felt insignificant.

Tsuki began to attend performing arts classes in secret. He began to keep more secrets from his father as time went on. He was gay. He’d known for a while, but he’d never tell his father. He’d begun to make new friends, and he felt important in his own way. His life began to have more meaning than his mother. He spent more time away from home and claimed he had joined a few study groups. He’d even started dating someone. It was his first relationship, and he really loved his boyfriend. His boyfriend returned those feelings, and they made a very happy couple. Tsuki began to be less cautious around his father. Little did he know, his father was getting suspicious. When he was twenty, he was out on a date with his boyfriend. His dad walked in the restaurant. Tsuki’s heart sank, and he knew he was in trouble. He couldn’t move. His father stormed right up to him and made a scene in front of the whole restaurant. He was dragged home immediately. That was the last he saw of his boyfriend. When they arrived at home, his father beat him. He had caught on to everything. He noticed what his son had been doing. Instead of studying, he performed. His father started to go on about how Sedna would be so disappointed, but Tsuki stopped him. Tsuki stood up for himself and fought back. Tobio, full of rage, disowned his son and forced him to leave the morning after. Tears in his eyes, Tsuki took his few belongings and left.

Tsuki was too scared to even stay in the area. He took a taxi ride to the southern area of the Fire Nation. His self confidence was destroyed, so his acting career would have to be put on hold for a while. Tsuki had very little choice left. He paid his way out of poverty through...prostitution. Men seemed to find Tsuki really attractive. He made a lot of money through this method. He’d always hated it, but he felt there was no other way to live his life. For three years he went on like this. He’d been saving money for a year after hearing about Republic City and how much success people had made there. He’d even heard of a well established business for the performing arts. He had a hope for the possibility to finally fulfill his dream. To fulfill what he knew his mother truly wanted for him. He knew it was his chance to finally leave his past behind and escape. After he saved enough money, he bid another farewell to the life he knew. This time, of course, he was more than glad to leave it. He packed his clothes and left his small apartment. He wouldn’t miss it. He boarded a ship for his one-way ticket to a replenished existence. He didn’t even bother to look at the Fire Nation as it vanished from his vision. He was only looking ahead.


Water Tribesman
Initial Powers
  • Water Whip

The user can create a whip of water to quickly strike at something.

  • Water Jet

The user can create a jet of water that can be used to push back or even topple others.

  • Water Wave

The user can create a small wave from a nearby source of water that can be used to crash down on something.

  • Temperature Control (Passive)

The user can alter the temperature of water, allowing them to cause it to boil or even freeze.

  • Pressure Control (Passive)

The user can alter the pressure of water, allowing them to use it to grab or strike things.

Basic Powers

(Note: Once a power is chosen, it cannot be changed.)
Basic Power 1. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 1 week)

Basic Power 2. Not yet achieved (Achieved after 2 weeks)