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  • Hydrocarbon1997

    Okay so I gotta be honest I can't but help feel like I'm ripping off gig so much rn, but fuck it I've got some things to get off my chest.

    After 2 whole years, Riri's decided the wiki simply ain't for her and just bailed. I'm not going to deny that I wasn't happy about it, but I don't hate her for leaving. It's just this was the worst time she could possibly pick to do it. Kyuuseishu is in a tricky boat and LSI was just abandoned by it's leader again. So that'll be figured out hopefully. Her chars will most likely be archived, but riri gave me permish to do w/e I please so I might just archive most and maybe kill one or two off (I had like 3 rp plots with her that are cut short y'know?)

    I'm not sure if i wanna do it anymore. Broken getting b…

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  • Hydrocarbon1997

    I would like to announce that the infamous or beloved vigilante group known as Faceless has entered it's 2nd Phase.

    "After their victory over the Zhi Fong, Kairo had declared a war on crime. He and others shall lead faction members in intense missions to fight injustice by any means necessary. The airbender is well aware you cannot wage war without a proper army, he will also recruiting more people to his valiant cause."

    This should explain things well enough. I plan on launching group rps which will take faction members on new, thrilling adventures. I already have alot of stuff figured out but I don't want to post the details JUST YET.

    Also this would also serve as another good jumping on point for initiates. Recruitment rps have already beg…

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  • Hydrocarbon1997

    As many of you already know Faceless is an underground organization of violent vigilantes willing to stand up and defend the city. Criminals flood the streets and walk all over the innocent. Many members of the RCPD are corrupt, selfish or just plain weak. Self centered, overprivileged pigs sit on their pedestals and enjoy everything they don't deserve while countless children can hardly survive. Faceless offers a more wild, rebellious path for many characters. True heroes willing to do what's right and break any law necessary to do it.

    During the Book 1 disaster, my faction was left crippled. But now they are free and ready to defend Republic City once more. Storm clouds are approaching, bloodthirsty criminals hellbent on taking over our …

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