As many of you already know Faceless is an underground organization of violent vigilantes willing to stand up and defend the city. Criminals flood the streets and walk all over the innocent. Many members of the RCPD are corrupt, selfish or just plain weak. Self centered, overprivileged pigs sit on their pedestals and enjoy everything they don't deserve while countless children can hardly survive. Faceless offers a more wild, rebellious path for many characters. True heroes willing to do what's right and break any law necessary to do it.

During the Book 1 disaster, my faction was left crippled. But now they are free and ready to defend Republic City once more. Storm clouds are approaching, bloodthirsty criminals hellbent on taking over our home are coming. The only way to stop them is to stand up and fight, no longer must we suffer...

Like the faction blogs before this one, merely submit your character and you may join quite soon. Or if you plan on making a new one for this, still lemme know and give the char's name please. Republic City needs you to fight the injustice that plagues it. Will you answer the call? Many citizens only have two options.

"Act or Suffer"


Edit: If you plan on making a new char for the faction, understand you until July 1st at the most to get it done before the big group rp starts up. Where all the fresh blood is officially introduced.

Another Edit: July 1st is the general time I'd like to begin, but it might a little earlier or a little later. Depending on what happens and if wind and sky can get their chars done quick enough.

New Recruits: (yes wing, I'm copying you)

FINAL EDIT: Okay what with the beginning of the event rp, I won't be accepting anymore Faceless members for the most part for a while. I'm not sure, might change my mind. I do this since I don't want too many people engrossed into the current event known as Retaliation and slowing it down. (More people in an event=the slower it will go) I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I'll have no issues with more members once Retaliation has concluded.