The Zhi Fong were a powerful crime gang with great power in certain areas of Republic City's underworld. They ran a powerful human trade ring, distributed vast quantities of illegal weapons and cactus juice and even ran a grand casino that doubled as a brothel. The gang had done fine until they were put into conflict with two uprising factions: Faceless and the Jade Dragon. The Zhi Fong leaders had prompted a war with Faceless after they freed their sex slaves, but they greatly underestimated the young heroes and were overpowered. Meanwhile the Jade Dragon took advantage of their distraction and raided their cactus juice before robbing their precious casino where they kept most of the profits for their entire organization. After a large defeat and a heavy loss, the remnants of the Zhi Fong were hunted down by Faceless who successfully eradicated them from the city once and for all.