Jivik's All Nation Restaurant, also commonly referred to as "The Benderaunt", is a large two story eatery featuring the four elemental nations. Each themed section has its own menu, waiters, and unique performance which takes place while customers dine; the most popular of which tends to be the Fire Nation's 'Agni Kai'. The Earth Nation quarter has tables and chairs created on demand, while servers perform their duties entirely blindfolded. Air-scooter riding waiters mark the air section, while food in the fire nation area is cooked directly in front of customers with theatrical displays of firebending. Whoever designed the water tribe quarter, however, apparently had a rather strong misunderstanding of the nation he was trying to replicate, and put all of the tables on mini tropical desert islands, complete with palm trees, crabs, and fake sharks. This does not seem to have dissuaded customers, however, as Jivik is now one of the wealthiest men in the city.