The Drunken Shirshu is one of the oldest structures on Zhili Street, originating not long after Republic City's foundation as a small pub, and expanding as the years have gone by. Although the entire structure has been under considerable renovation, its actual interior design remains unchanged, and consists of an unusual amalgam of bars, rooms of varying sizes, and kitchens all tied together into one larger structure. The result of this is a completely unique atmosphere, in some ways echoing the shadier parts of the city, but at the same time retaining the safety and cleanliness of an upscale establishment. The winding passages, private rooms, and various kitchens ensure that customers get a different experience each time, and provide a good intimate atmosphere for the sorts of business meetings best kept away from public ears. Many of the more reclusive rooms are rented out for private meetings by legitimate and illegitimate organizations alike, and the mayor has a permanently reserved space toward the top of the Shirshu where he sometimes conducts business.